Hot Melt Top or Bottom Roll Coater with Adjustable Hold Down Roll


Product Highlights

  • Features: Hot Melt Top Coater or Roll Coater
  • Sizes: Up to 37" Wide
  • Contact Us with Questions or for Customizations

About This Versatile Hot Melt Roll Coater with Adjustable Hold Down Roll

This unique hot melt roll coater can be used as a top coater or a bottom coater depending on application needs. By utilizing a specialized Teflon conveyor, users can move their substrates under the application roll or coat the underside of the substrate by moving above it.

Use the hold down roll to accommodate almost any type of substrate. This hold down roll can be moved to the top or bottom allowing the applicator to coat on either side. It also uses a heating compound that never needs to be replaced and an adhesive roll that can be adjusted using two screws instead of cumbersome doctor blades. 

    Hot melt roll coaters are a great way to evenly apply hot melt across a wide surface. This adhesive can be pressure sensitive, fugitive or even more traditional hot melt formulations.

    * Customizations are available, contact us for details. 

    Available Accessories

    • Knurled Roll - Available Upon Request

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