Wisdom Adhesives Water Based Cold Glue Adhesive Guide

Water based adhesives are a staple in countless manufacturing and packaging industries and Wisdom Adhesives is the leader in water based technology. Wisdom has created a formulation for every type of application and bonding need. Below we are going to cover their major water based adhesive brands including WizCore, WizCraft, WizFold, WizBond, WizBond II and Super WizBond. Each of these brands was created with characteristics to meet a certain industries needs and all of them can be found at Hotmelt.com.

Wisdom Adhesives WizCore

WizCore is a specially formulated water-based adhesive that is manufactured for use in paper core and tube-making applications. Its unique formulation provides it with excellent adhesive properties that allow it to form strong bonds with paperboard, brown craft paper, and most coated stock surfaces. WizCore also offers incredible mileage, which can be increased by diluting it with water, without affecting its adhesive/quick-tack properties, as well as excellent machining, making it ideal for both roll-coat and cascading applications.

WizCore is also extremely weather-resistant, able to withstand heat, cold, and oxidization. It is liquid at room temperature, making it simple to apply to substrate surfaces, and is one of the most affordable water-based adhesives available. WizCore is also non-toxic, non-flammable, and eco-friendly, and can be cleaned with just water.

Wisdom Adhesives WizCraft

WizCraft is another water-based adhesive from Wisdom that is specially formulated for use in bottle-labeling applications. It is able to adhere to a variety of surfaces, including glass, coated glass, and PET. This makes it ideal for a number of labeling applications across a variety of products. WizCraft operates in a wide range of temperatures, and is also non-toxic, non-flammable, and eco-friendly.

Wisdom Adhesives WizFOLD

WizFold is a water-based adhesive designed for high-speed folding carton applications. These adhesives are equipped with special UV indicators that provide automated adhesive inspection. This makes them ideal for controlled folding carton assembly applications. WizFold’s special formula provides it with excellent adhesion to folding carton stocks and superior machining capabilities that can handle the most demanding high-speed assembly lines.


WizBond is a series of economical, high-quality water-based laminating and glued lap adhesives that are specially formulated for packaging and paper converting applications. WizBond offers all of the same qualities of a high-performance adhesive without the added costs. It aggressively adheres to paper, paperboard, and almost all coated stock surfaces, and works great in a wide range of temperatures. WizBond is weather-resistant and, like all Wisdom water-based adhesives, features excellent machining characteristics.

Wisdom Adhesives WizBond II

The WizBond II series are a group of maximum strength water-based adhesives that are used mainly for high performance labeling, glued lap, and laminating applications, including case, carton and tray-sealing applications. WizBond II was developed specifically for paper and cardboard surfaces, and offers a high-degree of water and temperature resistance. These adhesives are perfect for hard-to-stick surfaces, as they create strong bonds and deep fiber tear. They also feature excellent machining characteristics and are safe on the environment.

Wisdom Adhesives Super WizBond

Super WizBond is a newly developed water-based adhesive, made specifically for the packaging and graphic arts industries. Super WizBond offers superior adhesion by utilizing Wisdom’s unique and proprietary adhesion promoting system. Like standard WizBond products, Super WizBond operates in a wide-range of temperatures, and features excellent machining characteristics. Super WizBond can, however, be used for more difficult-to-stick substrate surfaces.

Wisdom takes pride in manufacturing high-quality, eco-friendly adhesives that are both economical and practical. For more information regarding water-based adhesive products that are available from Hotmelt.com, visit our website at www.hotmelt.com, or call us at (877) 933-3343 to speak to one of our professional representatives today.

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