Best selling hot melt glue guns 2012

2012 has long come and gone, and as we reflect on a great year, we decided it would be a good time to recap the top selling hot melt glue guns from yesteryear. The hot melt guns that made the top ten are all excellent quality, but have a range of differences. These hot melt guns cover a broad scale of applications and glue stick sizes but what they all have in common is their undisputed popularity with the customers. For more information or help choosing your next hot melt gun, feel free to contact us or visit our complete hot melt gun section.

  1. Ad Tech Pro 200 Hot Melt Gun: Consistently the top selling hot melt gun! Why? Because the Pro 200 offers dependability and durability at a low price.
  2. Power Adhesives TEC 805 Hot Melt Gun: Similar to Ad Tech's Pro 200, this hot melt gun is great for just about everything. It has a wide array of additional nozzles available, a stroke adjuster and lighted on/off switch. Great value and feature set.
  3. Power Adhesives TEC 820 Hot Melt Gun: A big brother to the TEC 805, the TEC 820 offers additional features like adjustable temperature and higher output. A true value for industrial applications.
  4. Glue Machinery Champ 3 Hot Melt Gun: The Champ 3 allows you to dispense bulk hot melt pellets, chips, pillows and even hot melt slugs. This bulk hot melt handgun is easy to use and versatile due to its easy to use multi-temp thermostat.
  5. Ad Tech MT 500 Hot Melt Gun: The MT500 is the definition of work horse providing durable, long lasting output. A favorite among staffers, the MT500 is about as reliable as they come.
  6. Power Adhesives TEC 3400 Hot Melt Gun: All electric hot melt gun that utilizes 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" hot melt slugs, the TEC 3200 has great output and features with no need for pneumatic air assistance.
  7. Surebonder Pro 2-220 Hot Melt Gun: Surebonder and have only recently partnered but we absolutely love the PRO2-220 and it shot up the list of best selling guns of 2012. For light industrial work, you can't go wrong with this unit.
  8. Power Adhesives TEC 6300 Hot Melt Gun: A spray hot melt gun, hold the bulk tank. We love that the TEC 6300 allows are customers to spray hot melt without have to buy a tank, hose and handgun. This is a truly unique unit that solves difficult adhesive problems.
  9. Surebonder Pro 700 Hot Melt Gun: Taking cordless glue gun to a whole new level. The battery operated PRO 700 has been a great success among our solid surface customers. Even though it's battery operated it still has a great output and decent battery life. It's a little on the pricey side but it is in a category by itself.
  10. 3M Polygun EC Glue Gun: The multi-temperature 3M Polygun EC takes 3M 5/8" x 8" Q glue sticks. You're limited to the 3M Q size hot melt sticks when using this gun, but it has a great track record of reliable, long term output.

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