Graco InvisiPac pattern control system information

Howdy, folks! In today’s post, we’re going to continue our running series on the new InvisiPac system from Graco, and how its revolutionary technology is changing the way the entire packaging industry dispenses hot melt. Previously, we covered the big announcement of our distribution partnership with Graco, our comprehensive guide to how the tankless InvisiPac distribution system works, and the features and benefits of the built-in LineSite, a powerful business tool for data collection/analysis and real-time operations monitoring.

Today, we’re going to cover another way that InvisiPac technology increases your productivity and slashes your material costs: The Pattern Control system, accessed via a sleek, state-of-the-art handheld controller, lets you quickly and flexibly set up patterns, switch operating modes, change line speeds, and save a boatload of money on bulk hot melt.  Let’s dive into the details:

Designed for the Ultimate User Experience:

First things first. The controller has a beautiful, full-color interface that is specifically designed to be intuitive, easy to learn and simple to use. So you won’t need to struggle with yet another pattern controller’s fussy, baffling, excruciatingly slow GUI.

No More Spray and Pray:

You can bid an overdue farewell to good-luck charms and guessing games about how the pattern will turn out. The InvisiPac Pattern Control System gives you an on-screen preview of your pattern before you send it.

Simple Pattern Setup:

The Pattern Control System also gives you a host of other features, including a single-page view of all of your pattern definitions, the ability to save, copy, delete and name patterns for quick toggling, gun sequence cloning for repeat jobs and the ability to insert and delete individual beads from a pattern without changing the entire thing.

Switching to Stitching:

In case you missed our blog post on how a simple technique called “stitching” can cut your spending on bulk hot melt in half – yes, that’s 50% – here is a quick recap: Instead of the continuous, solid beads of adhesive most hot melt distribution systems are currently putting out, the machines can be reconfigured to apply a series of much smaller beads, similar to the stitch of a sewing machine, which uses a lot less adhesive and saves you a lot of money. You can read all about the process here. 

What’s Your MO?

Need precision, control, and the flexibility to change your output volume to match your line speed? Use a distance-based operating mode. Just need simple pattern control? That’s easy – you can switch to a time-based operating mode (and vice-versa) without any need to change the program. 

The Journey of a Thousand Miles…

While you need to integrate the controller with the full InvisiPac system to get the optimum level of performance and flexibility, we understand that you might not yet be ready to swap out a factory floor worth of hot melt machines for tankless InvisiPac systems yet. Good news: You can still get the ease, power and versatility of the Pattern Control System – as well as the cost-saving benefits of stitching – by pairing the InvisiPac pattern controller with your existing technology. 

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