Hot melt stitching and cost savings.

Hot Melt Stitching Overview

Here at, our mission is bringing you the best products at the best price, and that’s not just empty copy from some bloviating windbag or blogger (is there an echo in here?) To prove it, in today’s blog post we are going to zero in on the cost of bulk hot melt – one that our customers and friends in the packaging industry are quite familiar with – and show you how you can cut that cost by up to half.  

Yes, half.

Here’s the executive summary: it’s entirely likely that the machines that are already dispensing your hot melt can be reconfigured so that instead of applying long, continuous beads of adhesive, they apply a series of smaller beads – similar to the stitch of a sewing machine – which uses a lot less glue but provides the exact same sealing, bond strength and fiber tear.  You’ll use (and waste) less material, and use less energy, as well.  Clean, clear savings.

The Catch

Okay, you’re saying.  What’s the catch?

The catch – for most of you – is that there is no catch. If your machines use pattern controls that are less than a decade old, it’s likely that with just a bit of reprogramming, they’ll be able to efficiently perform hot melt stitching and start saving you money right away. The team is ready and waiting to get you switched over – easy peasy.

If you’re using machines with pattern controls that are older than ten years, there will be a few more steps in the process, but hey, that’s why we keep this team of experts around. We are here to help you determine exactly what equipment you need to achieve a major cut in what you’re currently spending. The exact amount will vary depending on how much of what kind of bulk hot melt you use in your packaging applications, but your savings will go a long way toward offsetting the cost of a retrofit, upgrade or brand new system.

You’ll also save another kind of green – the environment. By reducing the use and waste of bulk hot melt, as well as cutting down on your energy consumption, you’re making important strides toward greater sustainability and helping to make (and keep) the world a beautiful place.  

Real Talk

Adhesives – especially those of the EVA variety – are pretty cheap right now, because the price of oil and gas is so low that it can absorb the new demand here in the States, to say nothing of the huge appetites of developing nations like China and India.  However, the supply of petrochemicals is dwindling as quickly as global demand is rising, so boom times won’t last forever. Right now is the best time to make the switch to hot melt stitching, while bulk hot melt continues to be so affordable.

Making the Switch

Now that you’re ready to switch to hot melt stitching and start saving money and the environment, we want to hear from you!  If you want to get a head start and check out some of our bulk hot melt dispensing equipment, you can view a full catalog of it here. Keep in mind that every company’s transition is a custom job that will vary depending on your current equipment, setup and applications, so we’ll send in our master team of hot melt nerds to help you navigate the change – just contact us online or give us a call at 877-933-3343.

Additional Savings Available

Want to save even more? Check out our bulk hot melt selection and be sure to ask about volume pricing or free samples for qualifying applications. 

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