Pressure Sensitive hot melt adhesive guide

A Little Background on Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt

Bulk Pressure sensitive hot melts are used is a wide array of applications. Pressure sensitive adhesives hold two surfaces together solely by contact. To achieve this bond external pressure needs to be applied to the surfaces. Pressure sensitive adhesives can offer a permanently tacky aggressive bond while fugitive glues offer a temporary bond allowing the two materials to be easily separated. PSAs can be used to bond numerous materials like plastic, paper, metal, glass, wood, etc.

Pressure sensitive adhesives are ideal for using in assembly. PSA application doesn't require elaborate equipment and can be easily automated. PSAs save time in production compared to liquid adhesives as they require no setup or long curing time.

Using bulk pressure sensitive hot melt all manufacturing to go uninterrupted as adhesion is immediate. No need for screws, rivets, clips, or drilling holes as pressure sensitive adhesives eliminate the need, plus they provide and insulating seal, as well as sound and vibration control.

Bulk pressure sensitive hot melt has a board substrate adhesion. PSA is permanently tacky and repositional. Pressure sensitive hot melt has a long open time allowing you time to situate the subtracts correctly.

Top Application for Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt (PSA)

Marketing & Packaging

Pressure sensitive hot melt is ideal for marketing applications. Fugitive glue commonly known as gummy glue, peel-able glue or credit card glue. This type of pressure sensitive hot melt is ideal for attaching samples, coupons, & flyers.

Point-of-Purcahse Displays (POP Displays) & Trade Exhibits

Pressure sensitive hot melt is great for bonding foam spaces into 3 dimensional corrugated cardboard POP displays. Easily attach samples of wood flooring, laminates, foams, fabric, or other materials and small products with pressure sensitive hot melt to display boards. Pressure sensitives make it easy to attach decorations to baskets. Easily bond polystyrene foam and other materials used in counter top displays, jewelry cases, and exhibitor booths.

Other applications for pressure sensitive hot melt: Assembly, Labeling Food Packaging, Bookbinding,

Some specific items that use PSA are diapers, feminine hygiene, appliances, furniture, case & carton sealing, packaging, envelops & shoe manufacturing!

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