Hot melt for making theater sets

Theater sets and displays are made of a wide variety of materials. Often, you are able to utilize a glue gun and glue sticks for creating theses works of art. Glue sticks work extremely well for set design and displays since hot melt does not require hours to dry, it takes only seconds.

Glue Gun Recommendations for Set Design and Displays

The go to glue gun for set design and displays is the Steinel TM 6000. This cordless glue gun is powered by butane! Each cartridge gives you 100 minutes of run time. These LEC cartridges are easy to refill. Move around the set no problem, a cordless glue gun makes it safer for everyone working - no need to worry about tripping over cords.You can also check out the new cordless batter powered glue gun from Surebonder - the Hybrid 120.

Glue Stick Recommendations for Set Design and Displays

There are a few different formulas we recommend for set designs and displays. It's best to let us know what materials you will be working with and then we can make sure to get you a hot melt formula made for your application. Below, we have outlined our top glue sticks for theater set design and for creating displays.

  • SuperTAC 44 - This product adheres to just about everything from wood to plastics.
  • Surebonder 725 - All temp glue stick, great for general purpose applications and basic decor.
  • Infinity Tough Guy - all other glue sticks failed? It's time to try Tough Guy. This unique formulation works on a huge variety of substrates offering one of the strongest bonds around. 

Questions on a specific project? Contact us to find the perfect product for your application and budget. 

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