Loctite Hysol 7901 Polyamide hot melt replacement

Loctite Hysol 7901 Polyamide Glue Stick Equivalent

Loctite Hysol 7901 is a polyamide hot melt with a low viscosity. 7901 is used extensively for potting and encapsulating in the electronics industry. This product has been discontinued per our customers' knowledge. We have found them the perfect alternative. Chances are if you were using Loctite Hysol 7901 you will love Power Adhesives 7718.

Loctite Hysol 7901 Polyamide Glue Stick Discontinued

It's not the end of the world that this polyamide glue stick has been discontinued. Why? Because Hotmelt.com offers something that is just as good, if not better for electrical potting. We recommend Power Adhesives 7718 for electrical potting and encapsulating.

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Psst...you know what else Power Adhesives 7718 is a great alternative for? 3M Polyamide Glue Sticks 3779 Save money when you buy Power Adhesives 7718 rather than 3M 3779. Sure you may have to buy a new glue gun, but if you are using a large quantities of 3M 3779 polyamide hot melt this will pay off in just one order! 3M 3779 is an excellent polyamide, but not the only choice when it comes to electronics!

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