Knot Filling With Hot Melt

What is KNOT-TEC?

It’s hard to believe that there is a wood repair system that is both premium quality and low-cost. Power Adhesives developed the ultimate product for wood repair projects, and its a woodworker’s dream. KNOT-TEC knot filling adhesive is designed to repair wood quickly and effectively every time. 

It not only repairs knots, but also deep scratches and other wood blemishes. This knot filling adhesive comes in six colors to help best match your project: amber, beige, black, cola, cream and oak.

Knot Filling Wood Repair

KNOT-TEC is great for many applications like floor repairs, furniture, doors, window frames and caskets. Its unique formula is made to repair deep damage in wood and because of its tough characteristics and high specification, it can repair even some of the deepest scratches and knots. 

Which KNOT-TEC Product is Right for You?

There are two different formulas of KNOT-TEC, 7713 and 7718, depending on your project needs. The 7713 formula is great for general applications because it’s easy to trim and sand. It’s often used for filling knots and blemishes on doors or frames. 

The 7718 formula is ideal for applications that require a tough and durable product that will wear well. For projects like repairing laminate wood flooring, where there is a lot of foot traffic, the 7718 will perform well. This formula makes window, door, furniture and floor repairs simple and easy. The best part of KNOT-TEC formulas is that they can be sanded, painted and treated how you normally would and it results in a quality finish every time. 

KNOT-TEC Applicators 

If you’re just starting out with KNOT-TEC, we recommend the Professional KNOT-TEC Kit or the light industrial TEC 305. The kits include a mixed color sample pack of 12 sticks in each formula, the 7713 and 7718, this allows you to try out the different colors to best match your material and decide which formula is best for your knot filling or wood repair applications. The kit also comes with more tools like the two metal heatsink blocks, the silicone mat and the mouseplane

The kit also comes with either the TEC 350 or the TEC 820, depending on which one you choose. These hot glue guns are made to dispense this KNOT-TEC adhesive plus when you buy the kit it all comes in a handy heavy-duty plastic carrying case. This kit will allow you to keep everything organized and together making it possible to take your projects anywhere with ease!

How to Use the Knot-TEC Wood Repair Kit

Step 1. Fill the Wood Knot

Before filling, make sure that the area is dust-free. Then, fill the knothole with KNOT-TEC adhesive. 

Step 2. Use Heat Sink Blocks

Use the heat sink blocks that come in the kit to rapidly cool the repair material or create blocks to prevent the adhesive from overflowing. 

Step 3. Trim Excess

Wait a few minutes for the KNOT-TEC adhesive to cool then trim away the excess with the mouseplane flush plane tool. The mouseplane is a carbon steel blade makes it fast and easy to remove excess adhesive. Place the silicone release mat underneath your glue gun to help keep your work surface clean. 

Step 4. Finish It

Your area is now repaired and can be sanded, painted, or treated your usual way, achieving a high-quality finish to the restored wood. 

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to order your KNOT-TEC products or if you still have questions about if this product will work for your application, contact us. One of our knowledgeable glue experts can help you pick out the perfect products for your application.

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