Hot melt guns for POP display making.

Point-of-purchase displays often utilize hot melt sticks and guns. In this article we are going to discuss some of the most popular hot melt guns used in the POP display industry. These guns range from simple electric units to hot melt guns with built-in reservoirs allowing for the use of bulk adhesive. Whatever your application, has an applicator to maximize efficiency and budget.

Basic POP Glue Guns

For your basics point-of-purchase displays we recommend the following glue gun options. All offer similar performance but come from different manufacturers.

Besides excellent output and durability, all of these guns allow users to adjust the dispensing temperature. Having an adjustable temperature hot melt gun will work in your favor when different types of adhesive are needed. Commonly, POP Displays are made from foam spacers and 3D corrugated cardboard. If you are finding a these hot melt guns don't have a high enough output for your POP display assembly then it might be time to check out a bulk system.

Bulk Options

Another option would be a bulk hot melt handgun like the Champ 3 or Champ 600. These hot melt guns have an attached reservoir allowing them to take bulk hot melt chips.

Bulk chips mean lower cost on adhesives as well as more options of pressure sensitive adhesives which are often used in POP display building.

High Volume Dispensing

POP display and trade exhibit projects that require higher output than a traditional hot melt gun can provide should look at the LS10 bulk hot melt system. The LS10 bulk hot melt tank with flexible hose and handgun is great for producing high quantities of large point-of-purchase displays. The LS10 hot melt system allows for operators to use precise patterns on substrates with speed and accuracy. This bulk system also helps reduce material cost by using bulk hot melt adhesive.

Pneumatic Options

A final option for POP display creation would be pneumatic hot melt guns. Pneumatic guns offer the ease of a traditional glue gun with added air assistance, reducing user fatigue over extended periods of use. Two of our favorite pneumatic units are the 3M PG II and the TEC 6100. Both guns offer tremendous output and have a proven themselves to be durable, hard working guns.

We hope this article helped lay out the various options and benefits of using hot melt guns for creating POP displays. Please contact us with additional questions or to discuss the best option for your specific application.

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