Hot melt for use in casket manufacturing

Hot melt is used in a number of processes of casket manufacturing from liner bonding to knot filling. prides ourselves on serving niche industries with top products and low prices from the worlds leading manufacturers. 

Where is hot melt used in casket assembly?

Hot melt is used for attaching fabric lining, filling knot holes, securing corrugated layers, etc.

What hot melt adhesive should be used for applying cloth lining?

We recommend using a APAO or PSA hot melt. Both of these types of hot melts are formulated for spraying applications making it easy to cover large surface areas and we recommend using a bulk hot melt tank with a spray gun.

Another lower cost option is to use a handheld spray hot melt glue gun that would work extremely well for adhering fabric or lining for caskets in conjunction with a high quality sprayable hot glue stick.

What hot melt should be used for cloth covered caskets made from corrugated, fiberboard, pressed wood or softwoods?

We have a few options of hot melt that would work beautifully for this application, but our top recommendation is InfinityPACK. If you don't think this is the right hot melt for your substrates please give us a call 877.933.3343. We are always more than happy to test out adhesives for your substrate in house too.

What hot melt should be used for filling in knots on a solid wood casket?

The best hot melt for this application is Power Adhesives 7718 glue sticks. This polyamide glue sticks are sandable, paintable and stainable. A perfect way to start out is to purchase the Professional Knot Filling & Wood Repair Kit.

Types of Caskets

  • Cloth Covered Caskets: Made out of corrugated fiberboard, pressed wood or softwoods and then covered with cloth and have finished interiors.
  • Steel Gauge: Made from 20-gauge, 18-gauge, or 16-gauge steel
  • Non-gasketed Steel: Normally made of 20 gauge steel and spot-welded
  • Hardwood: Made of solid wood, finished in a satin or gloss coat. Hardwood caskets come a variety of designs and often are the most expensive due to the craftsmanship involved
  • Veneer-Finish: Less expensive than solid wood caskets
  • Cooper or Bronze Caskets: Least common casket or urn bronze and copper is measured by weight 32 oz. or 48 oz.

Please contact us here or call 877-933-3343 for any questions about the right hot melt to use with your casket manufacturing process.

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