Hot melt glue guns - recommended products by price

We know shopping for the perfect hot melt gun can sometimes be a difficult task. There is a lot to consider including cost, performance, brand and more. Sometimes we find it's easiest to start with budget and work backwards to find the perfect tool to meet your needs. That is why we have put together a list of our top hot melt guns by price. Happy shopping!


  • $29.00 - Introducing the TEC 305 Entry Level Hot Melt Glue Gun: If you’re all about accessories and options, but just starting to explore the adhesive world, the TEC 305 may be for you. The easy-to-use glue gun offers a variety of nozzles with a built-in nozzle wrench so you can switch between applications, extenders and spreaders easily. The gun heats up in 4-5 minutes and takes standard ½” glue sticks for easy set up and refill. It doesn’t get much more straightforward or reliable than that.
  • $29.00 - Surebonder PRO2 100 High Temp or Low Temp Glue Guns are some of the least expensive medium-duty glue guns on the market. You can expect about 2.5lbs of adhesive application per hour using ½” hot melt slugs, making it a perfect gun for long use and light construction applications. Don’t worry, the four-finger trigger makes application easy even when you’re gluing for extended periods of time.
  • $48.00 - The Infinity Bond Scout HT High Temp Hot Melt Glue Gun sets the standard for light industrial hot melt glue guns. The Scout HT is a light weight hot melt applicator that boasts a powerful 200 watt heater. This high temperature (also called standard temperature) glue gun offers superior performance even when dispensing difficult hot melt formulations.


  • $98.00 - The go-to hot melt glue gun for industrial packaging, product assembly and more! The Infinity Bond Ranger PRO Adjustable Temp Hot Melt Glue Gun boasts a super powerful 330 watt heater and a simple to use temperature adjustment allowing it to meet the demands of any application. Pair that with an ultra sturdy metal stand, light weight design and built-in stroke adjustment and you've got an exceptional hot melt applicator. 
  • $99.00 – Go cordless with the Power Adhesives Gas TEC 600. Powered with refillable butane canisters, this industrial-duty gun delivers clean hot melt dispensing on the go with up to 3.3lbs of output per hour. Enjoy high performance flow without worrying about your power source again with the TEC 600. Already hooked? You can opt for a starter kit ($129.00), which includes 5lbs of glue sticks, a convenient metal stand and two refillable butane canisters.
  • $133.00 - The best of all worlds is now available with the Surebonder Battery Hybrid-120 Glue Gun. Go cordless while powered by the gun’s long-life lithium battery, or use the eight-foot extension cord for standard applications. The medium, industrial duty gun is perfect for commercial and construction applications whether you’re in your workshop or on the road. 


  • $397.00 - For serious applications, there is no better gun than the TEC 3400 Heavy Duty Hot Melt Glue Gun. Compared to more expensive guns, this is still one of our favorite products. Dispensing 8.25lbs of hot melt per hour, this gun is perfect for mid to high volume applications such as packaging or assembly lines. The thermostat control panel lets you easily change the temperature while the stroke adjuster allows to change the flow of adhesive for flawlessly precise application. This electric (non pneumatic) gun is flexible and built with ergonomics in mind for a comfortable, robust adhesive experience.
  • $440.00 – If you prefer a pneumatic gun, the Surebonder PRO600 Industrial Glue Gun is for you. This heavy-duty gun was designed with the industrial worker in mind for quick temperature, stroke, and flow adjustment on the go. The gun also has a wide array of safety features for extended use in the industrial setting.
  • $854.00 - Splurge alert! The TEC 7100 Multi-Load Pneumatic Glue Gun lets you queue up multiple hot melt cartridges to keep your adhesive moving longer and faster. Dispensing up to 11lbs per hour with air-assisted flow for fluid application, you won’t find a faster draw in the West (or East). The TEC 7100 is a heavy-duty industrial grade gun made for high-application use.

No matter what project you’re working on, or what your budget is, there’s a glue gun for the job. If you have questions on which gun is best for your project, we’re always here to answer questions and help you tailor an adhesive solution to your needs. 

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