Leave the Line Behind - the evolution of hot melt dispensing

End-of-line packaging is on the verge of a major breakthrough in adhesive solutions. The tried-and-true single continuous line might not be the go-to for very long. Hotmelt.com & Baumer hhs are disrupting the industry with dot optimized hot melt for end of line applications. This new upgrade promises to improve operation and cut annual adhesive costs by 50%. Mountain View Packaging saved 50% - so can you!

It has always been our mission to find the best, most cost effective solutions for every one of our customers. We'll always let you know if we think hot melt dotting might be a good fit and give you the most seamless path to test and implement it into your existing application.

Before we jump into all of the benefits hot melt dotting can offer, we need to take a look at how this technology came to be. It's not rocket science to follow the evolution of hot melt dispensing, from continuous line to hot melt "stitching" and finally to the cost-saving, ground-breaking, hot melt dotting!

Single Line Dispensing

single line hot melt dispensingSingle line dispensing has been the original and familiar process for end-of-line applications for ages. The process is simple, machines dispense a single line of hot melt adhesive to adhere your substrates together. Nothing fancy, it's simple and it works. 

In some situations - single continuous line is still the best way to go. But there is something that the industry leaders aren't telling you, there might be a better (more cost-effective) way! Most plant managers and pricing buyers are always looking for the most innovative solutions - this is where hot melt stitching and hot melt dotting comes into play.

Hot Melt Stitching 

Hot Melt Stitching PatternHot melt stitching is exactly what is sounds like. Much like the "stitches" a sewing machine would make, hot melt stitching is best described as a broken continuous line. By breaking up this continuous line, you create spaces between the dispensed adhesive. All of this empty space = huge savings!

End-of-line packaging applications were first drawn to hot melt stitching by the promise to save. Many companies faced the punch to the pocketbook that came along with this stitching pattern. New equipment, increased downtime to test & implement, and maintenance on these machines didn't quite reach the industries expectations. Finally we have a solution to all of these concerns - hot melt dotting!

Hot Melt Dotting

Hot Melt Dotting Pattern

We are so excited about this partnership, we could go on and on (in fact, we already did! Check it out here). Hot melt dotting is a pretty simple concept. Instead of laying down a long line of hot melt in automated dispensing application, an innovative specialty gun system is used to dispense a series of hot melt dots. These small dots offer the same great bond with far less adhesive, which means more savings! 

Fast Facts: 

  • No new hot melt tanks required
  • No new hot melt hoses required
  • 3 hour changeover per line
  • Free upgrade available to qualifying applications
  • 30-70% immediate savings in adhesive costs
 hhs Baumer Hot melt dotting for end of line assemblies


A common misconception is that implementation of hot melt dotting requires all new equipment, long down times and maintenance difficulty (that has been seen previously with hot melt stitching). We are eager to report that these are all false reports. A hot melt dotting upgrade can be applied to almost any existing automated hot melt dispensing system. The upgrade requires very little new hardware and the whole process takes 3 hours or less (per line). 

You'll be saving a different kind of green as well - the environment. Not only does hot melt dotting save time and materials, but it even saves you (and the environment) the extra energy of heating and apply twice as much adhesive. Not to mention, the weight can really add up once you start shipping on a large scale. 

Dot Optimized Adhesive Increases Cost Savings

Infinity Bond Adhesives offers a full line of dot optimized hot melt. This adhesive line seamlessly replaces almost any adhesive being used in an automated hot melt line. They have been rigorously tested for dot and stitch optimization and are being used in hundreds of manufacturing, packaging and product assembly applications across North America.

Dot Optimized superDOT E100 hot melt dot optimized hot melt Infinity Bond superDOT E125 Infinity Bond superDOT M305 Stitch and Dot optimized Low Temp

superDOT E100

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superDOT E125

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superDOT M305

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Make the Switch to Save

Savings on time, money and even energy are absolutely vital for businesses who want to make it in today's competitive market. One of the best ways to increase these savings without cutting corners on safety or quality is by improving your efficiency with hot melt dotting.

Our upgrade packages can be added to any automated Nordson, ITW or Graco system in less than 3 hours and offers more reliable, longer lasting components. WE are happy to offer a seamless, cost effective and sometimes even free way to upgrade your existing equipment to a hot melt dotting system. We offer a flat upgrade price per hot melt line to make the changeover simple and transparent.

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