Announces Partnership with Baumer hhs is excited to partner with Baumer hhs to deliver an innovative hotmelt adhesive solution to end-of-line customers. End-of-line customers can now expect to save an average of 50% per year on their hot melt adhesives - thanks to this new pairing of and Baumer hhs. 

Dotting Your Way to Savings

What if we told you there was a simple way to cut the amount you spend on bulk hot melt by 50%. That is what this partnership is all about. Hot melt stitching and dotting systems are not a new concept to end of line packaging applications. Dotting systems work by opening and closing the hot melt gun very quickly to create a series of hot melt dots instead of a full line. All of the space between is savings... big savings! has now made it easier and more affordable than ever to upgrade your existing system to a money saving hot melt dotting system. The upgrades take less than 3 hours and in some cases, the equipment and installation is free.

We are delighted to offer our valued customers the opportunity to work with superior, cost-saving equipment combined with the best adhesives!

Ready to Dot Optimize your Assembly Line? 

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Hot Melt Lines and DottingDotting Equipment & Adhesives

All-Electric Hot Melt Application Head

The tesla all-electric hot melt applicator is revolutionizing adhesive dispensing. Better yet - the tesla applicator can plug int your existing hot melt systems, such as Nordson systems. This all-electic application head is all you need to get started. The electric design lasts much longer than it's pneumatic counterpart with it's extra long 1 billion cycle life, 24 VDC actuation, and no need for compressed air. 

Xmelt Hot Melt Unit

Baumer hhs also provides top of the line equipment to provide full application systems. The Xmelt melter transforms the adhesive slugs into liquid glue while maintaining a constant temperature. The successful series of Xmelt melter is growing. Now, melters with a tank volume of 80 kg and more than 8 hoses can offer the same convenience that users of smaller units have come to appreciate. With internal and external data communication, the melting equipment serves as the data center of your machine. 

Adhesive use in assembly line

Dot Optimized Adhesives has been the industry leader in bulk hot melt for over 25 years! We carry the top manufacturers and factory direct pricing for every type of hot melt including EVA, Metallocene, PSA, Fugitive, APAO and more. Through this partnership we've developed our own line of dot optimized hot melt to provide excellent bond strength and superior savings.


 "This partnership is a great opportunity for and Baumer hhs to team up and deliver a truly unique product and system offering to the marketplace. With the ability of Baumer hhs dotting guns to be installed on existing Nordson systems, we can change and end-of-line system in around 3 hours to this new dotting solution. The clients start seeing cost reduction in adhesive purchase starting on day one. It's amazing!"

- Dustin Heigl, President/CEO of


This partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging two leading companies' respective strengths to bring you the most advanced dot optimized hot melt for assembly lines. Together, we are pairing time-tested strategies with the most advanced technologies to bring you: 

  1. 50% Adhesive Cost Savings - efficient cost-saving equipment paired with high-performing, low-cost adhesives.
  2. Environmental Health & Safety - with the dot optimized system you will use less energy, less product waste and ultimately higher efficiency operating basis.
  3. Efficient for the Future - with the money you'll save you can retrofit, upgrade or even buy brand new equipment. Keeping your current projects running smoothly, and attracting new endeavors to keep your business competitive for years to come!

About Baumer hhs

Baumer hhs is a globally renowned company that manufactures full adhesive systems for assembly line applications. With Baumer hhs' robust portfolio of hot melt application systems, and's wide variety of adhesive solutions, we are pleased to provide you with the perfect union for a wide variety of applications. Baumer hhs works to help organizations optimize their adhesive applications while consistently saving product, energy and money. For more than 30 years, everything at Baumer hhs has revolved around secure gluing and the goal of meeting high demands imposed by their customers and the dynamic market. 


At our goal is simple: to provide you with the best products on the market, save you as much money as possible and solve your hot melt problems. We strive to make sure that you get exactly what you need every time, whether that's one of our thousands of specialized products, or expert guidance from our team of seasoned professionals. With our valued customers in mind, we established partnership with Baumer hhs because of their new innovative technology. We are excited to focus on their developed and tested dotting optimized hot melt for their equipment. To read more about the cost-efficiency of hot melt adhesives, check out our In-Depth Review of Cost-Effective Hot Melt Adhesives.

Innovation with Your Company in Mind 

We are excited to offer our valued customers this great opportunity to start saving money and the environment. Every company’s transition is a unique and custom job that will vary depending on your current equipment, setup and applications. Rest assured that this partnership has your company's best interest in mind. 

Ready to save even more? Check out our bulk hot melt selection and be sure to ask about volume pricing or free samples for qualifying applications. Reach out to the Hotmelt team today to find out more about our partnership with Baumer hhs - we are always available to answer your questions.  

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