Carpet and rug hot melt guide

The carpet and rug industries use hot melt products in almost every facet of manufacturing, installation and repair. In this article, we are going to cover some of the common applications as well as some instances where hot melt offers advantages over more traditional adhesives.

Carpet Tack Strip Installation

Why hassle with nailing down tack strips? Acrylic Hot Melt Sticks are are a great alternative to traditional construction adhesive and/or nails. Acrylic hot melt cures in less than 5 minutes allowing you to get to work faster. No more waiting 24 hours for slow setting construction adhesives or dealing with the hassle and difficult labor of hammering nails into cement. 

Infinity SuperTAC 99 (the great one), Power Adhesives 48 Tackfix and PamTite hot melt sticks are our favorite products for carpet tacking, especially on difficult to bond surfaces like cement. 

Sealing Carpet Seaming

Easily bond carpet edges together can by using Surebonder 725 all temperature hot melt. You can also use their T Nozzle for better dispensing. 

Custom Rug Productions and Back Seaming

Custom rug production and back seaming require an adhesive that has resistance to cracking, but is rigid enough to prevent "smiling".

Surebonder 708 Hot Melt Sticks are the perfect for custom rug production and back seaming. These carpet glue sticks are rigid enough to prevent "smiling" yet resistant to cracking in low temperatures.

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