Introducing Two New Low-Cost Hot Melt Roll Coaters

Two New Low Cost Roll Coaters with Exceptional Performance

We're very excited to introduce two new hot melt roll coaters from Infinity Bond Adhesives - the Mini Roll 6 and the Mini Roll 12. Better roll coaters for less was at top of mind with the new 6 inch and 12 inch roll coaters and these units deliver. The Mini Roll hot melt roll coaters are desktop units that offer exceptional performance at price points that can't be beat. Plus, the Mini Roll Series of hot melt roll coaters take simplicity to a new level. Users can be up and running in a matter of minutes with almost no set-up and a simple intuitive design.

When to Choose a Hot Melt Roll Coater

Hot melt roll coaters are the perfect tool when you need a uniform application of adhesive. Roll coaters are designed to evenly coat a substance from edge to edge, perfect for coating multiple different shapes and sizes of substrates. This type of coating is usually able to adapt to meet precise specifications depending on the temperature of the adhesive, the speed at which the material is moving through the coater, and even the material itself. It's most common to use a roll coater for applying an adhesive when working with paper, plastic metal and wood.

How Roll Coaters Work

Roll coaters allow you to evenly apply hot melt or cold glue adhesives to a variety of substrates. Manufacturers use roll coaters for numerous materials like paper, wood, metal, and plastic.

Hot and cold roll coaters allow you to apply adhesives to flat-rolled goods using different techniques such as dipped or spray-on. You can save a lot of time and reduce costs with the right type of hot melt roll coater. Roll coaters must be fine-tuned to meet whatever specifications the job requires. Fine tuning allows tolerances within thousandths of an inch depending on the requirements.

Essentially, a roll coater allows you to apply adhesive to the surface of your substrate quickly and evenly. Some industrial roll coaters also apply oils, paints, or other liquid coatings such as varnish.

Infinity Bond Hot Melt Mini Roll

The Infinity Bond Hot Melt Mini Roll is a premium hot melt roll coater available in two different sizes, Hot Melt Mini Roll 6, and Hot Melt Mini Roll 12. The Infinity Bond Hot Melt Mini Roll is a simple-to-use, industrial strength applicator, perfect for covering large surfaces. The Mini Roll features a lighted on/off switch, motor start/stop button, and digital temperature control panel.

The Infinity Bond Hot Melt Mini Roll Coater is a great way to evenly apply hot melt across a wide surface. This adhesive can be pressure sensitive, fugitive, or many other traditional hot melt formulations.

The Infinity Bond Hot Melt Mini Roll is very easy to operate. Simply plug it into a 120-volt outlet, set the temperature, and switch it on. The motor will function when the set temperature has been reached.

Hot Melt Mini Roll Technical Specifications

  • Motor Power: 90W
  • Electric Heating Power: 2000W
  • Rotating Speed: 0-200V/Min
  • Operating Temperature: 285-340F
  • Tank Capacity: 3L
  • Weight: 163 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19.5" x 15.5" x 35.5"
  • Max Coating Width: 6" and 12" options

Why Choose Infinity Bond Products?

The Infinity Bond motto is "better glue for less" which is exactly what they bring to their complete line of bulk hot melt adhesives and adhesive dispensing equipment. Don't let the prices fool you, Infinity Bond hot melts are every bit as good as the 'big guys' but they don't make you pay for simply having a big brand logo on the bottle.

Infinity Bond Hot Melt Mini Roll 6 and Infinity Bond Hot Melt Mini Roll 12 are premium equipment at affordable prices. Contact us with questions or for help with choosing the perfect hot melt adhesive for your packaging application.

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