Hot melt for assembling cabinets and drawers

Here at, we are always on the lookout for new and clever applications for our products, and today, we want to tell you about some recent innovations we stumbled upon.

If you are in the woodworking or furniture industry, you already know that hot melt glue is an indispensable tool, and has been for over half a century – especially when it comes to affixing panels. However, it just keeps getting better – recently, many woodworking professionals have started using hot melt for assembling cabinets and drawers, because glue provides superior strength, precision and quality without the time or expense of a hammer and nails.

Here are a few hot melt glue applications for cabinet and drawer assembly:


Nothing beats a neat, clean angle joint, but many professionals don't want to shell out the substantial cash it takes to buy and install a machine. No worries – with hot melt, v-grooving is a snap, meaning wraparound drawer bodies and other woodworking tasks that require angle joints just got a whole lot easier.

Wood Drawer Guides

When it comes to wood drawer guides, there is no need for awkward angles or exactingly meticulous nail placement anymore – hot melt gets the job done with a minimum of frustration. It's also great for drawer bottom stiffener.

Corner Spacer Blocks

No more losing the tiny nails and screws used to attach corner spacer blocks – just use hot melt, and they will hold just as well!

Naturally, we have a lineup of glue sticks we think are perfect for folks in the woodworking business who are focused on cabinet and drawer assembly.

Here are our suggestions:

Infinity Melt WoodTac Hot Melt Sticks. A cost-effective, high-quality option with a quick grab and a medium set time, this is the adhesive of choice for woodworking jobs that require bonding to corrugated, vinyl and fabric surfaces.

Ad Tech 962 Woodworking Glue. This glue is specially designed for woodworking, and has a high delivery rate, so it can keep up with your high-volume needs. It also features a medium open time, meaning you get plenty of "wiggle room" while you are applying the glue, but you'll never be stuck waiting around for it to set.

TEC Bond 1942 Wood and Plastic Glue. Some woodworking professionals prefer more flexibility in their hot melt applications – specifically, the ability to bond components and surfaces made of other materials, like ceramics, glass fiber and light metal – as well as acrylic, nylon, PVC and other plastics. No problem – that's what makes TEC Bond 1942 perfect. It bonds to a host of surfaces, so no matter what you're working with, you'll have a hot melt glue that sticks.

Surebonder 735 High Strength Glue. For cabinets and drawers that need an unbreakable hold and unbeatable shock resistance, you'll need a high strength hot melt that can take plenty of punishment. If that's the case, this is the glue for you – it works on wood, plastic, ceramics, coated paper and nonporous materials.

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