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Answering Questions About End of Line Carton Closing for Beer, Soda & Wine

Answering Questions About End of Line Carton Closing for Beer, Soda & Wine

We are fans of equipment that makes packaging easier, but sometimes it's necessary to fix a carton here and there. not only can quote you on customized hot melt equipment for your beverage packaging needs, but we can also provide hand held glue guns necessary for quick fixes. Commonly, the beverage industry requires repair for damaged cartons. It's best for all companies using in line hot melt packaging equipment to keep some glue guns on hand.

How many handheld glue guns should you keep on hand?

This is gauged off your overall production. Smaller operations maybe just need one or two, but others may require more. The best way is to give us a call so we can help you determine based off your application and output per hour.

What is the top reason for having hand held glue gun to go with your in line systems?

In line systems aren't perfect. It's better to be safe than sorry we have customers who have a closet full of glue guns in case there system goes down and they need to start carton closing by hand. No one likes down time it's best to be prepared.

Top task for glue guns for beverage applications using in line machines?

Handheld hot melt guns make it easy to repair partially glued cases, reglue cases or replace damaged boxes that come off the machine.

What glue guns are good for this task?

We recommend Power Adhesives TEC 3400 because of it's robust design and standby feature. Making it great for repairing cartons, even if there is some time in-between.

Another go to for us is Surebonders Pro2-220, this 1/2" glue gun makes it easy to have a formula to match your bulk. Having a 1/2" glue gun offers the widest variety of hot melt formulas. Top performers are Infinity freezer grade glue sticks, Surebonder 711 glue sticks, Power Adhesives Tec 342, and Ad Tech 610.

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