Acrylic Glue

When you think of hot glue, you may think of popsicle stick crafts as a child. The truth is, hot melt has come a long way since then, and you would be surprised at its applications and improvements.

Years ago, I did a woodworking project for outdoors during the winter and sealed the corners with hot glue. I didn't realize I should be choosy on the brand and type, and I found the next day that my glue had become brittle and even split.

Our acrylic glue can withstand cold temperatures with ease. This acrylic hot melt features a flexible-yet-strong bond that won’t become brittle, even in low temperatures.

Craft enthusiasts everywhere have been using hot glue for minor projects, but with the right glue, it can be used for much larger jobs. Because acrylic is stronger and can be applied to more porous substances than typical hot melt, which is EVA-based, it opens the door for many more project possibilities.

Many also don’t realize you can use hot glue for wood projects. Surprisingly, if you get the right hot melt, it can be extremely effective for woodworking.

New to the idea of using hot glue for craft creations? No problem — here are a few awesome ideas.

In addition to wood, acrylic hot glue can be used on many other surfaces and environments. Acrylic hot melt can be used in a variety of applications, including:

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Wood Flooring

Many contractors use hot glue on surfaces to hold pieces before nailing or stapling. Acrylic hot glue like Fastenmaster FLEX 40 (PAM TITE) can seep into the pores of the wood and ensure a strong hold.

Cold Environments

Any outdoor use of glue should consider the glue’s breaking temperature. Many forget that hot glues can break in cold temperatures, but acrylic hot glue can hold throughout cold temperatures without breaking, making it the ideal outdoor glue.


Acrylic hot glue sticks like Infinity SuperTAC 99 can do so much more than standard hot glues. Metal projects can even strongly hold with acrylic.


Acrylic glues are strong enough to hold glass in place, yet flexible enough to allow enough bend without snapping the glue. Keep this in mind when you need to repair glass, or even plexiglass.


Acrylic glues can hold fabrics in place perfectly. Remember those favorite slippers that are losing their soles? Fret no more! Acrylic glues bind well to fabrics.


Acrylic Ad Tech 217 does great with plastics (and with metal). There is an endless number of plastic projects that can be made with the strong bond of acrylic hot glue.

Rubber and Vinyl

Both rubber and vinyl can also be glued with acrylic hot glue. When vinyl floors are installed, acrylic hot glue is an excellent choice for gluing them in place.

Stone and Tile

The nature of acrylic hot glue allows it to bind porous materials better than other glues, making it an excellent choice for stone and tile work.

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Maybe you’re a master craftsman and use hot glue often to bind your pieces before stapling or nailing. It’s critical to get the right hot glue that will hold and last. Acrylic Infinity Bond outperforms regular hot glue time and time again.

Most hot glues are made with EVA, which are not as strong and can break easily under extreme pressure and cold temperatures. Acrylic sticks are a lot more flexible and stronger than your average hot glue. If you are only using hot glue for woodworking, the Infinity woodTAC glue is a great option.

When working with hot melt, make sure you have the right tools and accessories, such as a stand and safety gloves. Acrylic hot glue requires a hot temperature glue gun, also called a standard temperature gun, with normally ½ inch thick nozzle; we recommend the Infinity Bond Scout HT, and the Infinity Bond Ranger PRO. But make sure you have the right size nozzle for the acrylic sticks you are using.

Acrylic hot glue is not your grandmother’s hot glue. It can be used extensively — from the DIYer to the serious contractor. Acrylic provides a stronger bond, more flexibility, and a great hold at even the lowest temperatures.

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