TEC Bond 7718 Wood Knot Filling Polyamide Bulk Hot Melt


Manufacturer Part #: TEC-7718-BK-ARP-BX10

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Power Adhesives TEC Bond 7718 Bulk Hot Melt Overview

TEC Bond 7718 is a high-performance bulk hot melt adhesive. This polyamide formula is excellent for a wide range of applications including knot filling and woodworking. 7718 offers excellent heat resistance, can bond to difficult/smooth surfaces, and can even be used for hot melt potting. 

TEC Bond 7718 was specifically designed to help make quick and easy repair of wood knot defects, deep scratches, and other wood blemishes. This bulk hot melt formula is offered in the color Amber.

Available Sizes


Quantity  22 lb Case
Suggested Application Temperature 350-420˚F
Brookfield viscosity (POW-12-VISC) spindle 27 1000cps @ 350˚F
Ring & ball softening point(ASTM E28) 320˚F
Heat resistance (BS5350 Part H3) 275˚F
Open time Short
Low temperature flexibility (tg) 14˚F
Surface resistivity MΩ BS6233 2.51 x 10(6)
Volume resistivity MΩ/mm BS6233 1.38 x 10(6)
Dielectric strength kV BS60243 30
Breakdown strength kV/mm BS60243 15.6


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