Kleiberit 782.5 Supramelt Unfilled Slugs for Edgebanding


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  • Brand: Kleiberit
  • Application: Edgebanding
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Kleiberit 782.5 Supramelt for Edgebanding Overview

Kleiberit 782.5 is an EVA hotmelt adhesive for edgebanding using machinery. Use 782.5 to bond veneer and solid wood edges, melamine resin edges, PVC and ABS edges, polyester edges, resin paper edges. One advantage of the 782.5 Supramelt is that it is delivered in cartridges with protection film and granulates.

Properties of the Bond

  • Heat resistance approx. 100C according to the edge (the bond withstands temperatures of up to 120C in a drying tunnel for a short period)
  • Cold resistance according to the edge down to approx. -30C
  • Good resistance to water (important when staining or bleaching veneer edges)
  • Good ageing resistance 


  • Base:  EVA Copolymer
  • Specific Gravity: Approx. 0.96 g/cm(3)
  • Color: Transparent yellowish
  • Viscosity Brookfield HBTD, Sp. 27/10 rpm: 
    • @200C: approx. 36,000 mPas
  • Melting index according to DIN 53 735 (MFI 150/2,16): approx. 105 g/10 min
  • Softening point (ring and ball): approx. 101C
  • Melting time: 2-5 min
  • Working Temperature: Above 200C. For solid edges or difficult plastic edges up to 230C (short period only). Low temperatures can cause faulty bonding - ensure that the temperature is correctly set. 

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