Kleiberit 774.4 General Purpose Adhesive for PVC, ABS and Paper


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  • Brand: Kleiberit
  • Application: Edgebanding
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Kleiberit 774.4 General Purpose Adhesive for PVC, ABS and Paper Overview

Kleiberit 774.4 edge banding adhesive is a medium viscosity edgebanding adhesive with high initial tack. The advantages of 774.4 are its universal use and good post-melt properties. Use Kleiberit to bond primed polyester edges, PVC, PP and ABS edges with pre-treated back, resined paper edges, and veneer edges.

Application Devices

  • Automatic edge banding machines with roller application
  • Automatic edge bonding machines with sword nozzle application

Application Techniques

The substrates for edge banding must be processed at exactly right angles and must be free from dust. Boards, as well as edge materials, have to be acclimated to room temperature. 


  • Base: EVA copolymers
  • Specific Weight: Approx. 1.4 g/cm(3)
  • Viscosity Brookfield HBTD Sp. 27/10 rpm:
    • at 200° C            65,000 ± 10.000 mPa s
    • at 200° C            55,000 ± 10.000 mPa s
  • Melt index according to DIN 53 735 (FMI 150/2, 16): 50 ± 15 g/ 10 minutes
  • Softening Point (ring + ball): 100 ± 5° C
  • Application Temperature: 200-210° C 
    • Low temperatures cause faulty bonding, higher temperatures - maintained for a long time - may damage the adhesive and lead to decomposition. Therefore ensure correct temperature!
  • Delivery Form: Granules
  • Colors Available: Ivory-20

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