Jowat Jowatherm 282.21 Contour Edgebanding Hot Melt - White


Product Highlights

  • Brand: Jowat Jowatherm
  • Application: Contour Edgebanding
  • Color: White
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About Jowat Jowatherm 282.21 Hot Melt

Jowat Jowatherm 282.21 bulk hot melt is an EVA formulation specifically formulated for contour edgebanding applications. It can be dispensed at lower application temperatures and fed at very slow speeds while providing a fantastic bond to PVC, paper and polyester. 

Features of Jowatherm 282.21

  • Long open time
  • Low viscosity
  • Fast melting
  • Good bonds even at slow speeds

Jowatherm 282.21 Specifications

  • Application Temp: 266-302 F
  • Density: 10.8 Pounds Per Gallon
  • Softening Point: 194F
  • Color: White also Available in Natural

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