Jowat Jowatherm 281.40 Edgebanding Hot Melt - Low Stringing


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Product Highlights

  • Quantity: 44 lb bag
  • Industry: Edgebanding
  • Features: Low stringing, great pot life
  • Bulk Pricing Info: Contact Us
  • Important Note: Product has been rebranded to Jowat Jowatherm 280.50

About Jowat Jowatherm 281.40 Hot Melt

The Jowat Jowatherm 281.40 is an edgebanding hot melt formulated for low stringing and excellent pot stability. It is often used for bonding edge bands and pre-coating veneer, melamine resin, PVC, PP, and ABS.

The 281.40 has very good resistance to oxidation and elastic properties. It is used in a wide range of applications because of its heat sealing and heat resistance properties. It also has a long hot tack and great pot life.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Jowatherm 281.40 has been rebranded as Jowatherm 280.50. Product quality and formula remains the same. 

Features of Jowatherm 281.40

  • Low stringing
  • Great pot life and stability
  • High heat resistance
  • Flexible bond

Jowatherm 281.40 Specifications

  • Application Temp: 350-390
  • Density: 9.1 Pounds Per Gallon
  • Softening Point: 231F
  • Color: Natural

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