Infinity Melt Super High Tack Glue Spots - Qty 6000


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Product Highlights

  • Brand: Infinity Bond
  • Type: Glue Spots
  • Tack: Super High
  • Bonds: Cardboard, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Wood

Super High Tack Glue Spots Overview

Infinity Super High Tack Glue Spots are our strongest glue spot available. These are meant to create as close to a permanent bond as a glue spot will give you. This product is very strong and can be used to create great bonds between substrates. Again, this product moves into areas like product assembly and bonds intended to be permanent.

More About Glue Spots

Glue Spots from Infinity Bond are one of the most dynamic adhesive products available in the hot melt and industrial adhesives industries. Glue Spots are small dabs of pressure sensitive hot melt that have been applied to a coated surface so they can be easily removed and applied to just about any surface. 

They provide instant bonds and eliminate messes left behind by hot melt and liquid adhesives, residue left behind from film, tape, or webbing, and unpleasant adhesive odors. Glue Sports are a clean and safe alternative adhesive to utilize on your production lines, for mailing applications and tons of other applications. 

Glue Spots vs Glue Dots®

Infinity Glue Spots and Glue Dots® are equivalent products with different names. The Infinity product is an exact match in quality that often comes in at a much better price point because you aren’t paying for a high overhead brand name. and Infinity Bond now carries the full line of Glue Spots products from Infinity Bond. These products are available in various strengths, which are all designed to help you secure the quality adhesion you need without sacrificing production efficiency or draining your bank account. Let’s take a closer look at the various Glue Spots products offered by Infinity Bond at

Glue Dots® is a registered trade mark and only being used for comparative purposes. 

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