Infinity Bond WB8300 Pressure Sensitive Water Based Adhesive


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  • Brand: Infinity Bond
  • Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive Water Based
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Infinity Bond WB8300 Pressure Sensitive Water Based Adhesive

 Infinity Bond WB8300 is a pressure-sensitive water based adhesive that is great for folding carton windows. WB8300 is an aggressive PSA, similar to flypaper. This high solids water based adhesive perfect for applications using difficult or coated stocks.

Common Applications

Infinity Bond WB8300 general-purpose pressure-sensitive adhesive, suitable for use as a window adhesive for folding cartons. Complies with FDA indirect food additives 21 CFR 175.105.


  • Viscosity at 75°F: 2,000 cps
  • Solids content: 68%
  • pH: 5
  • Density: 1.03
  • Appearance: White liquid

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