Infinity Bond PA 6208 Amber Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive


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Infinity Bond PA 6208 Amber Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive Overview

Infinity Bond PA 6208 is a thermoplastic polyamide hot melt adhesive for Low-Pressure Molding. Infinity Bond PA 6208 has been recommended for use in electronic, automobile, and other applications. 

Recommended Applications

  • Electronics
  • Automobile


Gardner Color  Yellow
Shape Pellet
Specific Gravity 0.98
Softening point 150±5°C ( Ring and Ball ASTM D 36 )
Melting viscosity 200°C 2500~4500 mPa· (LVT Brookfield ASTM D 3236 )
Tensile Strength >=3.1 MPa ( ISO 527 )
Elongation at Break >102% ( ISO 527 )
Open Time 1~4 s
Low Temperature Flexibility -40°C ( ASTM D 3111 )
Glass transition temperature Tg -42°C
Shore A Hardness 85±5
Application temperature 180°C~200°C
Creep resistance 130°C -135°C
Volume resistivity 2.3*1011 ?Ohmcm)
Dielectric strength 24.0

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