Infinity Bond EP H3500 Non Sag All Purpose Epoxy


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Please note: A compatible cartridge gun or cartridge applicator is required to dispense these adhesive cartridges.

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  • Brand: Infinity Bond
  • Adhesive Type: Epoxy
  • Features: Non Sag All-Purpose
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Infinity Bond EP H3500 Non Sag All-Purpose Epoxy Overview

Use EP H3500 non sag epoxy for a variety of substrates including ceramics, concrete, wood, composites, FRP, and most metals without the use of a primer. EP H3500 is an all-purpose, modified epoxy that provides excellent tensile, peel, and shear strength. It will hold vertical beads up to 1/2", and exhibits superior adhesion and flexibility to most substrates. 

Infinity Bond EP H3500 is available in 400ml cartridges and a 10-gallon pail kit. The 10-gallon pail kit comes with 5 gallons of part A and 5 gallons of part B.

Infinity Bond EP H3500 Features

  • User-friendly and forgiving 1:1 mix ratio
  • Light stable and highly UV resistant
  • Outperforms most "brittle" 2-component systems by retaining high peel strength and flexibility through a wide temperature range. 

How to Dispense EP H3500

Use a cartridge gun for dispensing 400ml cartridges. Cartridge guns are lightweight, reliable and a perfect low-cost option for dispensing two-part epoxy and MMA adhesives. 


  • Specific Gravity (Blend): 1.315
  • Work Time: 15 minutes
  • Open Time: 25 minutes
  • Ultimate Peel Strength: 45 pli
  • Hardness (Shore A): 84
  • Tensile Strength: 825 psi
  • LAP Shear: 750 psi
  • Elongation: 70%
  • Blended Color: Gray
  • Service Temperature: -75F to 350F

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