Infinity Bond DW8000 Hot Melt for Drywall V-Groove Forming


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  • Brand: Infinity Bond
  • Application: Drywall V-Groove Forming
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Infinity Bond DW8000 Hot Melt for Drywall V-Groove Forming Overview

Infinity Bond DW8000 is a slow setting hot melt specially formulated for drywall v-groove forming. Infinity Bond DW8000 exhibits excellent bonds on drywall and a wide variety of substrates. This unique hot melt adhesive is characterized by a high tack at initial application, the tack is greatly reduced once the hot melt is at ambient temperatures. Infinity Bond DW8000 has good heat stability, low odor, and medium viscosity for good clean machining on all standard hot melt application equipment. 

Benefits and Features

  • Good heat stability
  • Low odor
  • Medium viscosity 
  • Clean machining


  • Viscosity: 4000 cps @ 350o F
  • Softening Point: 310o F               
  • Solids: 100%
  • Form: Pillow Form
  • Color: Beige

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