Infinity Bond 508 APAO Hot Melt - VESTOPLAST® 508 Alternative


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About the Evonik VESTOPLAST® 508 Alternative

Infinity Bond 508 was formulated as a high-quality alternative to the Evonik VESTOPLAST® 508 APAO bulk hot melt adhesive. It offers a long >450 second open time and excellent tensile strength. This APAO hot melt is often used in textile, paper, and packaging industries but is versatile and can be applied to many different applications.

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Compare Evonik VESTOPLAST® 508 to Infinity Bond 508

Property Evonik Vestoplast 508 Infinity Bond 508
Viscosity 8000cps @ 190C 8000cps @ 190C
Needle Penetration 14 8
Tensile Strength Mpa 1.5 3
Ring & Ball 84 93
RBSP °F 183.2 210


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