High Performance Product Assembly APAO Hot Melt - 20 Second Open Time


Product Highlights

  • Quantity: 25 LB Sample Case
  • Industry: Product Assembly
  • Features: 20 Second Open Time | Excellent Temp Resistance
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About Infinity Bond IM-A6060 Product Assembly APAO Bulk Hot Melt

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Infinity Bond IM-A6060 is a high performance APAO bulk hot melt adhesive used in product assembly applications that require a shorter open time. Infinity Bond IM-A6060 has a 20 second open time and bonds to a huge range of substrates including plastics, metals, fabrics and foams. Use this hot melt adhesive in assembly applications that require smaller bonding surfaces or fast production times. 

Infinity Bond IM-A6060 has exceptional hot and cold resistance and a low viscosity making it easy to apply with almost any type of bulk hot melt dispensing equipment. 

Bonds To

  • Foam
  • Plastics (PP, PE, Vinyl and more)
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Fabric
  • Paper

* Free samples may be available, contact us to see if your application qualifies. 

A Little about Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin (APAO) Hot Melt

APAO hot melts provide a number of unique characteristics that make them extremely useful and adaptable to a huge number of applications. They are able to provide a significantly longer open time than traditional hot melts, are low cost, have exceptional temperature resistance and can be extruded or sprayed. 

APAO can often be used to replace much more expensive adhesives like polyamide hot melts therefore offering exceptional savings. 

Common Applications for Infinity Bond IM-A6060

  • Automotive Assembly Applications (headliners, sound deadening, interior assembly, etc)
  • Specialty Packaging
  • Furniture Assembly

Features of Infinity Bond IM-A6060

  • 20 Second Open Time
  • Low Viscosity
  • High Heat Resistance (315F)
  • Bonds Huge Range of Substrates


    • Properties: APAO Bulk Hot Melt
    • Viscosity: 2600 cps at 375 F
    • Needle Pen: 18
    • Softening Point: 313 F
    • Open Time: 20 Seconds


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