Graco InvisiPac PC-8e Integrated Pattern Control System


Product Highlights

  • Variable Line Speed Compensation
  • Easy Pattern Setup
  • Turn On/Off Stitching with the Push of a Button
  • Time and Distance Based Operating Modes
  • Store Up to 50 Programs

Graco PC8e Pattern Controller Overview

Maximize your savings on the already efficient Graco InvisiPac hot melt system with the integrated PC8e pattern controller. The PC8e offers easy set-up of hot melt stitching and patterns based on both time and distance.

The Graco PC8e Pattern Controller is recommended for use with the InvisiPac HM25 tankless hot melt system

Variable Line Speed Compensation

And unlike the PC8 unit (no encoder), the PC8e offers variable line speed compensation. This means your bulk hot melt system will match adhesive output with line speed using less hot melt at lower speeds and more hot melt at high speeds perfectly matching your needs. 

Operating Modes

The InvisiPac controller allows for time based or distanced based pattern control. Time based is a more traditional method and works in most applications. Distance based is often used when precise control is needed or when adjusting to changing line speeds. The good can switch between the two without having to change your program.


Contact us with any questions about the InvisiPac pattern control system and the savings that it can create for your hot melt application. 


Gun Outupts: 8
Trigger Inputs: 4
Encoder: 2
Line Speed Compensation: 2
PLC Enable/Disable: Yes
PLC Program Select Bits: 4
PLC Alarm Output: Yes
Integrated Power Supply: Yes
Program Storage: 50
Beads per Output: 24
Distance Accuracy: 1mm, .1"
Time Accuracy: 1ms
​Enclosure Environmental Rating: IP54
Approvals: CE, ETL, cETL

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