AD TECH 189-800 Corrugated Plastic Assembly Hot Melt

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Product Highlights

  • Industry: Corrugated Plastic Assembly
  • Quantity: 22lb Carton
  • Part Number: 189-800
  • Brand: Ad Tech

Ad Tech 189 Bulk Hot Melt Overview

This bulk hot melt has was formulated for polypropylene and polyethylene corrugated packaging. This unique bulk hot melt offers a 25 second open time with 5 second set time. Ad Tech 189-800 is the perfect solution for all corrugated plastic adhesion.

The benefits of 189-800 is it's excellent pot life and no dependence on moisture or humidity to cure like the alternative PUR adhesive commonly used in these applications.

This is pricing for a 25 LB sample of Ad TEch 189-800. Please contact us for volume quantities. 


  • Softening Point °F (°C) 278°F (137°C) ASTM E28-67
  • Viscosity @ 350°F (177°C), Centipoise 13,500 Brookfield Thermosel
  • Heat Resistance °F (°C) 50 gram weight 245°F (168°C) AdTech
  • Adhesive Tensile on Polypropylene 153 psi ASTM D-1344-78
  • Adhesive Tensile on High Density Polyethylene 102 psi ASTM D-1344-78
  • Open Time (approximately) seconds 15 AdTech
  • Set Time (seconds) 3 AdTech

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