Bostik HM 4229 Long Open Time Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive


Manufacturer Part #: BOSTIK HM 4229

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Product Highlights

  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Brand: Bostik
  • Hot Melt Type: Polyamide
  • Set Speed: Long
  • Color: Amber
  • Bonds: Metal, Wood, Plastic, Leather
  • Properties: Chemical Resistant, Plasticizer Resistant, High Temp Resistant
  • Application: Automotive Assembly, Filter Assembly, Furniture Assembly

Introducing Bostik HM 4229 Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive: The Industrial-Strength Thermoplastic Solution for Superior Bonding

Engineered for stringent industrial requirements, Bostik’s HM 4229 Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive is a thermoplastic, dimer acid polyamide available in specialized pellet form. This product has been meticulously formulated for high-demand applications, offering robust bonding across a multitude of substrates—be it wood, metal, or challenging plastics like plasticized PVC.

Key Industrial Features

Exceptional Plasticizer Resistance: Mitigate the risks associated with plasticizer migration in industrial settings. This adhesive ensures secure, long-lasting bonds even under the most challenging conditions.

Extended Open Time: Ideal for intricate or large-scale industrial applications, the extended open time provides the operational flexibility you need for optimal placement and bonding.

Robust Temperature Resistance: Tested for high-stress environments, HM 4229 boasts unmatched temperature-resistant properties, making it the adhesive of choice for thermally demanding applications.

Unmatched Industrial Benefits

Ease of Application: With its low-viscosity profile, HM 4229 allows for effortless, efficient application—crucial for fast-paced industrial operations.

Versatility Across Materials: Whether you’re dealing with automotive assembly, woodworking, or complex plastic components, HM 4229's polyamide formulation guarantees broad material compatibility.

Balanced Mechanical Properties: Achieve the perfect equilibrium of ease of application and long-term durability, essential for the success of critical industrial applications.

Application Guidelines

  1. Surface Preparation: In line with industrial best practices, ensure that bonding surfaces are contaminant-free.
  2. Heating Procedure: Elevate the HM 4229 pellets to the recommended application temperature.
  3. Seamless Application: Utilize the low-viscosity formulation for a smooth, even application.
  4. Finalizing the Bond: Leverage the extended open time to align your components accurately before the adhesive sets.

Don't compromise on your industrial bonding needs. Trust in the resilience and versatility of Bostik HM 4229 Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive.

Note: Please adhere to all manufacturer safety guidelines and recommendations when using this product.





Light Amber Pellets


1.01 g/cc

Softening Point (Ball & Ring)


Thermosel Viscosity

4,000 cP (200°C)

Tensile at Break

790 psi (5,400 kN/m²)

Elongation at Break

350 %

Shore D Hardness


Relative Open Time @ 218°C

50-60 seconds


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