3M 9087 Double Sided Tape

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9087 is a thick, white, double-coated tape with an acrylic adhesive on a white polyvinyl chloride (PVC) carrier. Designed with the 3M adhesive 375, this double-sided tape bonds on contact to a variety of surfaces, including rough surfaces, and features high tack and excellent peel and shear performance.

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3M 9087 Double Sided Tape
3M 9087 Double Sided Tape
Single roll of Infinity Bond 9 mil White Double Coated UPVC Tape for Low surface energy bonding
Infinity Bond 9 mil White Double-Sided UPVC Tape for Low Surface Energy Bonding (LSE UPVC-9)
Best Seller
Price $$$$$ $$$$$
Type Industrial Tape Industrial Tape
Brand 3M Infinity Bond
Adhesive Modified AcrylicAcrylic
Backing PVCPVC
Thickness 10.2 mil9.4 mil
Color WhiteWhite
Size 1" x 55 ydCustom

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