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Graco InvisiPac Live, Onsite Van Demo

Give us 20 minutes to show you how to reduce your adhesive usage by up to 50%.

Here's the Deal

Graco and are now offering live, onsite demonstrations of their products and services with the Graco InvisiPac Demo Van program. The program is completely free and requires no obligation or expectation of purchase on your part. Graco professionals will personally show up at your business or campus to provide a complete hands-on and knowledgeable demonstration of their InvisiPac series. This demonstration includes the individual InvisiPac systems and their supporting products, particularly LineSite and Pattern Controller. 

A little about Graco InvisiPac

Unlike other hot melt systems that degrade hot melt in a pot or crock affecting fluid viscosity and causing inconsistent dispensing and charring, the InvisiPac system utilizes a patented ‘melt-on-demand’ system. This system virtually eliminates clogging and char significantly reducing down time.

With a lighting fast 10 minute start-up time, there's no more waiting for hours to bring a frozen hot melt pot back to life. The InvisiPac also has extensive material tracking capabilities allowing you to know the amount of hot melt you use down to the gram, saving you time, adhesive, and money. 

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Contact us here and we will do our darnedest to meet your scheduling needs. With three Graco InvisiPac demo vans operating throughout North America, we'll be sure to add you to the next available stop no matter where you are.

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