Infinity Bond superDOT M300 Stitch and Dot Optimized Metallocene Hot Melt


Product Highlights

  • Industry: High Speed Packaging | Semi-Automated Packaging | Food Packaging
  • Features: Strong, Fast Tack | Excellent Temperature Resistance | Clean Melting - No Char
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

About Infinity Bond superDOT M300 Stitch and Dot Optimized Metallocene Hot Melt 

superDOT M300 is a premium hot melt adhesive formulated for applications using hot melt stitching and dotting to reduce adhesive consumption up to 50%. superDOT M300 offers more mileage than traditional EVA packaging hot melt adhesives while eliminating char that can clog and damage dispensing equipment. It offers a strong, fast tack to a wide range of corrugated, cardboard and coated stocks. 

Bonds To:

  • Cardboard 
  • Corrugated
  • Paper
  • Coated Stocks
  • Glass

* Free samples may be available, contact us to see if your application qualifies.   

A Little about Stitch and Dot Optimized Systems

 Hot melt stitching and dotting systems are not a new concept to end of line packaging applications. Dotting systems work by opening and closing the hot melt gun very quickly to create a series of hot melt dots instead of a full line. All of the space between is savings... big savings! has now made it easier and more affordable than ever to upgrade your existing system to a money saving hot melt dotting system. The upgrade takes less than 3 hours and in some cases, the equipment and installation is free. 

Common Applications for superDOT M300

  • High Speed Packaging
  • Semi-Automated Packaging
  • Food Packaging
  • Specialty Packaging
  • Applications with Temperature Cycling

Features of superDOT M300

  • Clean Melting - No Char
  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • Excellent Cold Resistance
  • Strong, Fast Tack


  • Applications Temperature Range: 325-375°F
  • Viscosity: 975 @ 350°F
  • Softening Point: 230°F
  • Open Time: Short
  • Product Form: Pellets
  • Color: White
  • Shelf Life: Indefinite

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