Is it time to replace your hot melt hose?

It's never a good feeling when you have to replace hot melt equipment. Dealing with down time and the cost of replacement parts is frustrating. On the bright side, updating equipment like hot melt hoses, can improve output, dispensing quality and lead to an overall cost savings. A good unwritten rule for replacing your hot melt hose is every 3 years. This obviously depends on a number of factors like the type of adhesive you are running and dispensing volume. 

Indicators it is time to buy a new hot melt hose.

  • If there is visible external damage to your hose
  • If any of the fittings the your hose are leaking
  • If new nozzles are clogging in less than 3 months
  • If you have a non-waterwash hose that has ever been wet
  • Applications with automated movement need to replace hoses more frequently

Why Do I Need to Replace My Hot Melt Hose?

  • Hoses need to be replaced to keep operators safe
  • Hoses can become filled with char that will continue to clog modules and nozzles
  • Char restricts adhesives flow and cuts into your productivity
  • Loose char in your hot melt means poorly sealed boxes, char on your products, or even to cause packaging to pop open.

If you have any questions about whether it is time to replace your hot melt hoses or other ways to improve your dispensing application, contact one of our hot melt engineers for a free consultation. 

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