Tips and Tricks for Using Nordson Hot Melt Equipment

Nordson is one of America’s top makers of hot melt machines and adhesive dispensing systems, which are commonly used in industrial packaging, product assembly and other industries. Based in Westlake, Ohio, this maker is actually the world’s leader when it comes to producing hot melt adhesive dispensing systems in the packaging industry, sealing millions of cartons and boxes each year for many global consumer products.

This manufacturer also creates high-end global plastics processing equipment and glue systems for manufacturing envelopes, bags and corrugated boxes. Nordson equipment is used in aerospace, agriculture, automotive, energy, electronics, defense, filtration, furniture, food and beverage, along with so much more.

Nordson equipment can be complex, but is on hand to help you find the appropriate replacement parts and other components to help you make the most out of your equipment. Whether you need to replace small hardware components or need in-depth information on the different types of Nordson hot melt guns, we’re here to help you make the appropriate decision. Our Nordson parts can be used to help you revamp a reconditioned or used Nordson system or to customize your new Nordson system to match your specific industry and needs.

Replacing and Repairing Nordson Equipment is proud to supply a large variety of Nordson replacement parts that you can use to keep your Nordson equipment in tip-top shape for the long-term. In our vast selection, you’ll find low-cost Nordson nozzles, applicator replacements, module replacements and other essential components for Nordson equipment.

In addition to these parts, you’ll also find Nordson cleaning equipment, such as Nordson Nozzle Cleaning Kits, that will help keep your hot melt modules and nozzles running smoothly. Nordson technical manuals are available to help you repair, clean or replace your Nordson parts relatively easily.

Nordson cleaning kits for hot melt equipment

  • Nordson Nozzles - Nordson-style replacement nozzles are available in a wide range of sizes to match your unique equipment. These components are manufactured in the U.S. with the highest quality standards, in order to ensure that your equipment properly dispenses the right amount of adhesive at the right time. You can replace Nordson nozzles for a wide range of reasons, whether your existing nozzle is losing steam or you want an upgraded style to increase production time and flexibility.
  • Nordson Module Replacements - If you’ve noticed that your automated or semi-automated bulk hot melt dispenser isn’t performing as it should be, you can replace your Nordson module relatively easily. These parts and components are designed to work with a wide range of nozzles and will help you customize the quantity, angle and pattern of the hot melt being dispensed. has a variety of module replacements for various Nordson models. We offer pencil nozzles, needle nozzles and more.

  • Nordson Applicator Replacements - Replace the applicator on your Nordson equipment with one of our American-made Nordson applicators. These components are designed to help you improve or repair the dispensing and coverage of your hot melt module, with high-tech features that allow you to fit them with nozzles that refine the angle and spray of the adhesive being dispensed.
  • Other Parts - For small hardware replacements, make sure to shop our complete selection to find affordable Nordson hot melt fittings, change filter cartridges, inline filter screens, thermostat replacements and more. All of these components are made with high-quality, long-lasting materials in order to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Choosing Your Nordson Hot Melt Gun

If you love the quality of your industrial Nordson equipment and want a hand-held style for manual hot melt dispensing, we highly recommend picking up the Nordson Style AD31 Series Hand Gun. This gun is an excellent tool for manual hot melt dispensing in conjunction with Nordson bulk hot melt tanks and hoses. It includes a wide range of nozzle options, allowing you to easily adapt your bulk system to meet specific dispensing demands.

Nordson hot melt hand gun replacement

If you have any additional questions about finding the appropriate Nordson replacement parts or need one-on-one advice about how to keep your system in grade-A shape, make sure to contact us today. Our team is always available to help you find the appropriate hot melt glue guns, glue sticks, bulk hot melt dispensing equipment and more.

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