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I know we’re a little late for the Oscar craze but we thought we’d give you a quick overview of one of the most glamorous hot melt applications on the market. TPU hot melt films. No we didn’t say IN the film industry, we are talking about adhesive film itself.


Before we get into why we love TPU film, we need to explain why TPU is great in and of itself. TPU is a heat-sensitive polyester-based thermoplastic polyurethane that can be used in a variety of adhesive settings from molding to traditional hot melt applications. It’s one of the fastest growing adhesive subsets and one of the most versatile adhesive options.

TPU is a popular choice when applied in bulk for packaging and product assembly applications. TPU also has extraordinary water resistance capabilities and is a non-toxic adhesive option, which makes it an excellent choice for a variety of environments – including marine applications. Talk about versatility.


TPU film combines the best characteristics of traditional TPU adhesives in a convenient, extrudable form that is sleek, clean, and easy to apply. Now do you see why we think it’s so glamorous? From laminating to reinforcing, TPU film provides even, streamlined adhesive coverage that goes on seamlessly in almost any environment with no mess and no fuss.

TPU film is traditionally welded between 175 and 300 degrees and comes in a variety of UV-resistant or hydrolysis-resistant options, making it one adhesive that goes where you go. Because it can also be produced based on your exact width and length specifications, you have a near limitless range of flexibility when crafting your projects.

Our vote for best adhesive goes to TPU films, which is why we’re so excited to see the industry market projections for this unique adhesive’s growth. Although China is still one of the biggest producers of TPU adhesives, emerging industry leaders such as our recommended brand, Lighthouse Molding, are bringing TPU adhesives to the foreground in the United States. It’s one of our biggest trends to watch in 2016 and beyond. For specific application questions, please contact our team of specialists for more details. 

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