Top foam bonding hot melt products.

When you’re packaging precious cargo, we know protecting your products is your top priority. Whether your goods are breakable, shakable, or just need a little extra padding for the journey, foam inserts can support the effective presentation and delivery of many goods.

Just like expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyethylene and urethane foams all have pros of cons for packaging, so do the hot melts that hold these inserts in place. Some hot melts are better for boding foam to smooth surfaces such as plastic and some support attachment to corrugated paper and cardboard – we’ll give you the skinny on them all.


Slippery surfaces such as plastic or metal can be challenging because hot melt has nothing to grip. When cardboard or paper packing simply won’t provide the premium edge of luxury or protection that resin or plastic will, try the Infinity 8010 Foam to Plastic Bulk Hot Melt, Surebonder 725 All Temperature Glue Sticks, or Power Spraytec 430 Glue Slugs.

Pressure sensitive adhesives such as the Infinity Permanent Pressure Sensitive are excellent options thanks to the adhesive’s long open time, heat resistance and prolonged bonding strength. If you’re unsure if your packaging will place too much stress on the bond or be exposed to high temperatures that might weaken the adhesive, cross reference your packaging’s conditions with the melt’s specs. Thankfully, if that’s the case – we have a plan B and plan C for your needs. 

If temperature is a concern, Surebonder 725 All Temperature Glue Sticks are your next line of defense. These sticks can be used in low or high temperature for added control over the viscosity and application of the bond, making them safe for a variety of surfaces from metal and plastic to fabric and foam. Still not strong enough? Kick things up a notch with the Power Spraytec 430 Glue Slugs. If this adhesive’s aggressive surface coating doesn’t do the trick for you, nothing will.


Although Surebonder and Power Adhesives Spraytec can be used effectively on cardboard, paper, and other corrugated surfaces, we recommend the Infinity FoamPACK for traditional packaging needs. This adhesive is a jack-of-all-trades: great for foam to foam or foam to corrugated surfaces, unbeatable wet tack, excellent heat stability, and a long open time. In other words, get this adhesive and head to the assembly line or packaging room.

If you’re a perfectionist by nature or doing a lot of hand assembly, Infinity ClearnPACK Foam Bonding, Heat Resistant Bulk Hot Melt might be a better option. Still great for foam to foam or corrugated surfaces, but much more forgiving if your projects just need a little extra TLC.  

Having the right adhesive for your project can keep your production on track by limiting the possibility that your packaging will come unstuck during transportation. You'll also save money on adhesive by choosing the right hot melt for the right surface area. We're here to help you choose the right tools so you can work smarter, not harder. If you're still unsure which hot melt is best for your project, email us at or use our contact us form online. We're here to help any time you get stuck. Literally.