Surebonder PRO 450 hot melt glue gun review

Overall Rating from 3.5/4

Surebonder PRO 450 Glue Gun Overview

Surebonder's PRO-450 Industrial Glue Gun features 450 watts of heating power and warms up in just 2-3 minutes! Plug-in this heavy-duty gun and turn the power switch to "on" and you are good to go. This industrial glue gun weighs 1.85 pounds and it's ergonomic handle makes it perfect for operating for extended period of time.

Surebonder PRO2-450: The Good

The Surebonder PRO 450 makes it easy to use, it features an ergonomic rubber handle, stroke adjustment, and an on/off switch. The PRO 450 is not hard to hold and can deliver 10 pounds of hot melt per hour!

One of the best features of the PRO 450 glue gun is that it has an adjustable thermostat. Easily, change the temperature to correspond with your low melt or hot melt! We definitely love using this gun and it's perfect for many industrial uses. The gun also, comes with an extra insulated nozzle, plus you can buy additional nozzle types to fit your application.

Surebonder PRO 450: The Bad

We don't like the extended metal stand. It works great when the gun is stationary, but the stand gets in the way during use. However, it is easily removable. There is another stand option available they have the short traditional metal stand that can clip in right by the nozzle. This stand isn't as sturdy, but allows you to easily use the PRO 450 industrial glue gun when attached.

Surebonder PRO 450: Overall

We think that Surebonder's PRO 450 industrial glue gun is basically a beefed up 5/8" version of Power Adhesives' TEC 820 glue gun. The PRO 450 does cost about double in comparison to the TEC 820 adjustable temperature glue gun, but it also almost doubles the output of hot melt per hour. We definitely love the style of this industrial hot melt gun taking 5/8' glue sticks, yet a high output and it doesn't need an air compressor. All the almost all features of the PRO 450 are a "win" in our book, the only exception being the heavy duty stand.

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