Surebonder Glue Guns - Highlights and Reviews

 A hot glue gun is an essential tool that everyone should have in their toolbox or workshop. Regardless of whether you need insulation, instant holding power or the properties of soft plastic, a hot melt gun is a practical tool to have. These handy little tools provide you with a super-flexible, instant bond, so they’re a top-notch pick for a wide range of adhesive applications.

When it comes to industrial applications, Surebonder is a real winner in the realm of hot glue guns. This innovative glue gun maker has produced a wide range of high-quality industrial-grade glue guns that put a strong emphasis on quality, safety and longevity. Hot melt is on hand to help you pick the perfect Surebonder model for your next big project.

If you are hoping to find the perfect hot melt gun for your workshop that’s also safe to use, well you’re in luck. We will be highlighting some of the best models that the Surebonder brand has to offer.

 Surebonder Hybrid 120 hot melt gun

Surebonder Hybrid-120

The Surebonder Hybrid-120 model can be used as a cordless glue gun. This gun was designed to run off powerful 18-Volt lithium-ion batteries, and it also includes the option to run with an 8-foot power cord, if necessary. These Ryobi lithium batteries allow for up to an hour of continuous cordless operating time. If you prefer using a glue gun without a cord, this is the ideal choice for you. This gun’s cordless convenience means you can take it with you wherever you need to go — from the workshop to your bonding station to the packaging center — all without dealing with pesky cords that can get in your way while you’re trying to get your job done.

Surebonder Pro2-60 industrial hot melt gun
Surebonder Pro2-60

The Surebonder Pro2-60 is a more lightweight and compact version of the Hybrid-120. Just like the Hybrid-120. it is also cordless and powered by an 18-volt Ryobi lithium ion battery. This hot melt glue gun is ideal for woodworking, packaging and DIY projects. We love this glue gun because it provides you with the perfect blend of power, convenience and reliability. It’s actually designed with a PTC heating system that provides you with a consistent working temperature for longer. In other words, it’s a good pick for those lengthy jobs where you need consistent glue output!

 Surebonder Pro2-80 high temperature glue gun

Surebonder Pro2-80

With the 80-watt Surebonder Pro2-80 model, you are getting a high-temperature glue gun with light industrial power. This glue gun can dispense up to 2.5 pounds of glue per hour, so it’s a solid choice for industrial applications and also large craft projects that require a high volume of adhesive output. This sleek yet high-powered hot glue gun is also a great pick for those who love a low-effort design — and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? — since it features an ergonomic design and a long trigger for minimal pressure.

Surebonder Pro2-100 industrial hot melt gun

Surebonder Pro2-100

The Surebonder Pro2-100 is ideal for industrial applications and crafts. It’s a medium duty high-temperature industrial glue gun that gives you great value for your money. With this 100-watt glue gun, you get PTC heaters, and you can expect up to 2.5 pounds of glue to be dispensed per hour. Much like the Pro2-80, this sleek-looking Surebonder gun is designed to consistently dispense glue with minimal effort on your behalf thanks to the ergonomic handle and long trigger.

Temperature Dial of Surebonder Pro2-200 high volume glue gun

Surebonder Pro2-220

This is a heavy-duty hot melt gun that is designed for high-volume applications, capable of dispensing 5 pounds of glue per hour. It also comes with adjustable temperature controls and a stainless-steel heater. The Surebonder Pro2-220 is ideal for packaging and product assembly applications. Employ this high-capacity hot glue gun in all your most intense industrial applications and craft projects.

Detail of Surebonder Pro2-200 high temperature glue gun

Surebonder Pro2-220HT

Unlike the Pro2-220, the Pro2-220HT is designed to produce mid-range output. If you’re looking for a hot melt gun that is ideal for product assembly applications, this is great value at an economic price. This model is a great tool to have in your kit when you’re looking to knock out those large, in-depth projects and makes a very reliable glue gun for demanding use day-in and day-out.

Surebonder Pro600 heavy duty glue gun

Surebonder Pro600

If you are working with high-impact plastic and metal as substrates, then the Pro600 model is a heavy-duty gun is probably the ideal choice. It has very user-friendly features, like the stroke adjustment screw, which allows you to dispense the same amount of hot melt per squeeze. All of Surebonder’s Professional model hot glue guns will help you tackle super-tough, in-depth jobs with relatively low-effort designs.

 Surebonder Pro8000-a industrial hot melt glue gun

Surebonder Pro8000A

Using 180 watts of power and dual heaters, this high-temperature glue gun heats up in just two minutes! This makes the Surebonder Pro8000A a good choice for any project where time-saving is a concern. With that being said, just because it provides quick heat-up doesn’t mean it lacks in power or convenience. In fact, this small but mighty gun can be employed in a wide variety of light industrial applications.

 Surebonder Pro9700-a industrial hot melt glue gun case

Surebonder Pro9700a

One of our favorite dual-temperature glue guns here at, the Surebonder Pro9700a is 300 watts with a temperature range from 248 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it easy to switch between low, high and standard temperature. Put the Pro9700a to work in rigorous industrial jobs, as it provides consistent glue output and features an ergonomic design that won’t tire you out, even after a long day of use.

 Surebonder Pro100 heated cartridge glue gun

Surebonder Pro 100 Heated Cartridge Glue Gun

This is a cartridge glue gun that is designed for specialty hot melt adhesives like fugitive adhesives, PUR hot melts and permanent pressure sensitive adhesives. The Pro 100 cartridge model allows you to dispense hot melt that may be only available in bulk pillows. Its great value is ideal for a much-needed niche.

 Surebonder Pro 450 hot melt glue gun case

Surebonder Pro 450

Boasting 400 watts of heating power and an impressive output of 10 pounds of glue per hour, the Surebonder PRO 450 is truly heavy-duty. With an adjustable thermostat temperature control for high and low temperature and a stroke adjustment screw, it is also a user-friendly option. You can employ this ultra-versatile hot melt gun in a wide range of situations, from demanding industrial jobs to home improvement projects and more.

 Surebonder 753 hot melt

Surebonder 753

This is a lot different from the glue guns listed above. The Surebonder 753 dispenser is hands-free and is used to dispense bulk hot melt. It features a shot timer and a foot pedal for control. This is ideal for companies who need an upgrade from glue guns for assembly line applications and those companies that don’t want to drop big bucks on a hot melt tank system. Use it to for product labeling, assembly line jobs, marketing and much more.

Surebonder MG hot melt gun

Surebonder MG

This glue gun comes with a revolutionary design that allows it to continuously dispense glue in high-volume applications with low operator fatigue. Using its powerful internal motor, it can dispense up to 11.6 pounds of glue per hour.

That sums up our brand spotlight on Surebonder’s hot melt guns. If you need any additional information regarding the best and safest adhesives and adhesive dispensers, be sure to check out to get the best deals and prices. And, we’re not ashamed to say that we’re glue gun nerds, so we’ll always do our best to help you find the right gun for your unique needs. Contact us today for one-on-one advice!

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