Surebonder bulk hot melt information guide

Surebonder is so famous for their industrial glue sticks and craft products that it is sometimes overlooked that they manufacture a great line of bulk products as well. This Surebonder bulk hot melt guide will highlight some of our personal favorites. The Surebonder bulk hot melt line offers a diverse range of hot melt formulations that are used across a wide range of industries and applications. 

Surebonder 601LT Bulk Carton Sealing Hot Melt

This bulk hot melt is great for sealing corrugate cartons, wood, coated paper and also is great for applying to foam. 601LT Offers a fast set time and superior tack and keep your employees safe due to the lower application temperature.

Surebonder 707 Bulk High Performance Hot Melt

This bulk high performance hot melt from Surebonder is great for just about every application. When you can't seem to find a hot melt that will work for your application. Surebonder's 707 bulk hot melt is excellent for bonding both porous and non porous substrates. Ideal for bonding metal, plastics, ceramics, magnets, shells, wood, fabric, ABS, PVC, carpet and some vinyls. Surebonder 707 bulk high performance hot melt is also available in clear and black glue sticks!

Surebonder 711 Bulk Packaging Hot Melt

Surebonder 711 is an excellent bulk packaging hot melt for sealing medium to large cartons. This hot melt adhesive have good adhesion to plain and some coated corrugated packaging and paper products. This bulk packaging hot melt will bond even the most porous material, including wood! Surebonder bulk 711 hot melt is also available in sticks!

Surebonder 10154 Bulk Fugitive Gummy Glue

Perfect for all your marketing applications. This bulk credit card glue comes in 25 pound blocks and gets the job done. This specialty glue is also available in canisters for smaller scale operations.

Surebonder Diamond Cubes Skillet Hot Melt

One of the most popular hot melts around for using in a hot melt skillet. The diamond cubes from Surebonder are perfect for crafts and floral arranging. This skillet hot melt features minimal stringing and offers a high strength bond.

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