Solid surface adhesives from start to finish

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you already know about the massive advantages that Hot Melt products provide for solid surface templating. What you may not know is that no matter what stage of the process you are in – from templating to installing to finishing – we have a product for you that will make the job high quality, efficient and cost effective. We have a wide, diverse variety of adhesives that work for any kind of solid surface construction material – from cardboard to granite, from Luan plywood to finished stone.

Here is a quick guide:


Are you still struggling with the frustrations of tape (or the potential destruction of pin nails) for your templating. Don't have thousands of dollars (and hours to train your staff) on fancy new high-tech equipment that gives you such minuscule gains in accuracy and efficiency it won't pay for itself before it's obsolete? It's time to make the switch to Hot Melt adhesives. With the Steinel Butane Hot Melt Gun, a cordless, gas-powered glue gun that heats up in only three minutes and the Infinity Templator – a glue specifically designed for templating – you will never have to worry about shifting, inaccurate or damaged templates ever again.


Gravity does most of the work of keeping a big slab of stone counter where it is supposed to be, but to keep out unnecessary moisture and minimize lateral cabinet movement, you will need a good silicone seal for both setting the countertop and sealing the joints. Try ASI Multi-Purpose Commercial Silicone (which comes in black, clear and white) or if you want to customize the color of the seal to make it invisible, try a Paintable Acrylic Silicone. You can see our entire lineup of silicone products here.

Joining the Miter and Seaming.

Need a solid glue that is water-resistant and works on wood so you can join the miter? Want to get the seam nice and tight with a wood block while pulling out the clamps? Our SuperTAC 44 is perfect for you. Made by Infinity Bond, they are inexpensive and feature a long open time so you have plenty of flexibility. It works perfectly with the TEC Bond 820 glue gun.

    No matter where you are at in the process of installing a solid surface – whether in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else – if you need adhesives, we have just the right one for your job. Contact us today!

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