Compressed Air vs All-Electric Guns for Hot Melt Dotting

For years, compressed air systems have been the standard in most adhesive dispensing systems. Until now, these compressed air systems were the only hot melt gun technology that offered affordable prices and ease-of-use. Today, there is a new wave of technology bringing you faster production speeds while cutting your adhesive costs in half - with hot melt dotting. Mountain View Packaging Saved 50% with hot melt dotting - so can you!

All-electric guns provide precise, high-speed dot placement, quiet operation and a long service life in a compact size. We are excited to introduce our efficient, cost-effective, and all-electric system brought to you by Baumer hhs. If you haven't heard yet, make sure to check out our partnership announcement with Baumer hhs

Ready to Make the Switch to Electric? 

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Superior Performance

Many pneumatic guns start to diminish in performance shortly after installation. A variety of factors can cause the guns/solenoids to malfunction causing costly maintenance calls and excessive spending on spare parts. Many times the nozzles, module and air activation solenoid are all replaced when things go wrong. Air activation solenoids, like valve modules, are constantly pushing air through them. The combination of heat, debris, oil and moisture in the air will cause the solenoid performance to plummet. All of these issues will cause sloppy glue patterns, spitting, inconsistent glue patterns and in some cases, no glue dispensing at all. 

By making the switch to an all-electric design you will eliminate the need for compressed operating and dynamic seals. Giving you a service life that can exceed 1 billion cycles! There is no need for compressed air - saving customers money on air and adhesives, while also decreasing their spare part consumption. 

Better Air Quality

Manufacturing compressed air is expensive and because of the age of most systems, the quality of the air diminishes each year. Compressed air contains debris that enters the piston pump, air solenoids, and the glue module with each activation.

This problem can be completely avoided by using an all-electric hot melt system. The all-electric hot melt system removes this contamination, resulting in a higher quality and much cleaner product. An all-electric system does not have dynamic seals in the valves, contains a built-in troubleshooting guide, built-in gun filter, and there are no solenoids required. All of these prevent the constant replacement of system parts and diminishing performance; two issues that are common in  pneumatic systems. 

No More Wasted Downtime

All electric systems not only provide a higher quality product but also decrease downtime caused by diminishing system parts, which simultaneously increases production. Whether you are a folding carton, packaging, or print-finishing manufacturer, all-electric adhesive systems can improve your production rates and increase the quality of your product.

Hard Savings:

Soft Savings:

  • Adhesive consumption
  • Removal of pneumatics
  • Reduction in cost of plant air usage
  • Less spare parts associated with electric system
  • Less degradation to valves because no plant air
  • Less moving seals
  • Downtime associated with pneumatics
  • Less stoppage to change out solenoids and seals
  • Nozzle plugging
  • Larger nozzle orifice and lower operating pressures
  • Increased machine safety
  • Faster production speeds
  • Provides the ability to dot at higher production rates with clean, crisp patterns. 


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We are determined to bring the highest quality equipment to all of our customers. Now with Baumer hhs you can start saving today! Our new all-electric system by Baumer hhs can be implemented onto any existing line (even Nordson equipment). Learn more on how this all-electric system can help your business today by speaking to one of our adhesive experts. Don't forget to mention that you are ready to start dotting your way to savings with Baumer hhs


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