Infinity Bond SuperTAC 11 Bulk APAO hot melt review

A Little About SuperTAC 11 APAO Bulk Hot Melt is proud to offer an exciting, innovative new hot melt called Supertac 11. This bulk hot melt is a custom formulation from Infinity Bond with amazing properties, unlike anything on the market today. 

SuperTAC 11 offers exceptional hot and cold resistance, a medium open time and tremendous bond strength. Because it has such amazing temperature resistance and strength, many users are moving to SuperTAC 11 from polyamide hot melts. It offers similar properties but at a much lower cost. 

* Update - now available in stick form as well.

Advantages of Supertac 11

  • Superior strength
  • Cost savings over epoxies, polyamides, pressure sensitive
  • Flexible
  • Temperature Resistance

Questions about if Supertac 11 is right for your application? Contact us to for samples or to discuss how can help lower your manufacturing adhesive costs. 

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