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Last month, Hotmelt.com announced its new partnership with Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide, one of the biggest and most reputable names in the industrial adhesive industry, operating right here in the United States since 1875. Hotmelt.co is now able to offer our customers the full line of Wisdom Adhesive products, including their hot melt, water based, protein and copolymer adhesives. Among these includes their renowned WizBond and WizBind adhesives. 

This week, we’ll take a closer look at the Mileage Melt product series and go over a few products in this catalogue to show you their applications and industries currently utilizing this line of products. Let’s get started.

Mileage Melt Bulk Hot Melt

The Mileage Melt product series of industrial adhesives are a group of high performance/general purpose hot melt adhesives that offer users numerous benefits over other adhesive products. The specially engineered formula features excellent adhesive properties, as well as thermal and pot stability, and increased mileage. Mileage Melt’s special chemical makeup also helps you save money on maintenance costs by eliminating gels and charring, which in turn means you spend less time cleaning and more time working.

Mileage Melt adhesives are generally used in case, carton, and tray-sealing packaging applications. This series is also eco-friendly and offers users a quality adhesive at a cost that’s lower than most other industrial adhesives. Let’s take a look at a few products from the Mileage Melt series.

Mileage Melt 8800 - Case Carton and Tray Sealing Applications

Mileage Melt 8800 is a high-quality, EVA-based hot melt adhesive, used in general purpose and paper application industries. Its specially formulated chemical makeup provides users with increased mileage, excellent adhesion, and improved runnability, reducing application weights, waste production, and overall use and cost by up to 35%. As with all Mileage Melt products, MM8800 is environmentally friendly and features an application temperature of 350 F, with a viscosity of 800cps.

Mileage Melt 8107 - Case Carton and Tray Sealing Applications

Mileage Melt 8107 is another EVA-based hot melt adhesive that is specifically formulated for more difficult-to-adhere substrate surfaces. Like MM8800, it provides optimum adhesive performance, ensuring excellent mileage, runnability, and multi-purpose adhesion to numerous paper and paperboard surfaces. MM8107 also features an application temperature of 350 F, with a viscosity of 1000cps. This makes its open and set times slightly slower than the 8800 series, but offers the same high-quality adhesive properties and production savings.

Mileage Melt 250 - Case, Carton and Tray Sealing Applications

Mileage Melt 250 is also used in paper and paperboard application industries. Like 8800 and 8107, it features excellent adhesive properties, including thermal and pot stability, a wider temperature range, and adhesion to a variety of surfaces, as well as increased mileage and improved runnability, which helps you save on usage and maintenance costs. Unlike 8800 and 8107, MM250 features an application temperature of 250 F, giving it a faster open and set time and an application viscosity of 900cps.

At Hotmelt.com, we take pride in providing our customers with the most reliable, high-quality product at the most affordable prices around. Our staff of experienced professionals is ready and willing to answer all of your questions and help you find exactly the product you are looking for. Call us today at (877) 933-3343, contact us here or search the entire line of Wisdom Adhesive products.

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