Looking for a new brand for your hot melt supplies? We recommend checking out Jowat. This German-based hot melt maker is one of the top manufacturers of adhesives for industrial use. The company’s products can be found in manufacturing plants producing products such as furniture and automobiles, as well as packaging plants and construction sites. There are very few applications where Jowat hot melts can help you get the job done right!

With two manufacturing locations in Germany that produce adhesives and three affiliated manufacturing companies located in Switzerland, the United States and Malaysia, Jowat prides itself in offering global hot melt solutions for a range of applications. The company currently employs around 1,000 employees worldwide and distributes products to every continent on the planet. We’re happy to offer an excellent assortment of Jowat hot melts in our selection.

History of Jowat

Jowat was founded in 1919 by Johannes Watzlawczik in the western Polish city of Breslau. Watzlawczik was later joined by his father-in-law, Georg Lobers, who became the company’s manager. After Watzlawczik died in 1938, Heinrich Frank, his son-in-law, managed the enterprise. When World War II broke out, the company moved to Detmold in western Germany to be closer to their clients working in the woodworking industry.

Over the years, Jowat has worked hard to become a leader in researching new technologies, as well as finding practical applications for innovations in their products. They’re especially renowned for developing hot melt adhesives that meet and exceed stringent environmental protection standards. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly hot melt to add to your arsenal, we highly recommend Jowat!

In March 2015, Jowat became an SE, which is a legal European Company that can be traded on the stock market. This formation was a turning point, as it symbolized Jowat’s internationalization. Currently, over 75 percent of Jowat’s sales revenues come from outside Germany.

Jowat Products

Jowat produces a variety of adhesives to meet the different industrial needs. Specifically, these adhesives fall into seven main categories: hot melt adhesives, reactive hot melt adhesives, dispersion adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, reactive 1k, reactive 2k and PSA primers. The company also produces numerous miscellaneous adhesive products for special use. Explore the different types of hot melts produced by Jowat to see whether or not this maker offers a style for your particular needs.

Hot Melts by Jowat

In the hot melt category, Jowat produces two main lines of hot melts and six different types.


The first type of hot melt is an EVA hot melt, called the Jowatherm EVA. EVA is short for ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is a copolymer adhesive and serves as the primary ingredient for the base of the hot melt. It is one of the main types of industrial hot melts and is popular with the paper, packaging and assembly industries. Other hot melts in the Jowatherm line include the Jowatherm PA, which has a polyamide base, and the Jowatherm PS, which has a SIS rubber base.

Another type of hot melt manufactured by Jowat is the Jowat-HighTherm, which is an APAO type hot melt with a polyolefin base. The Jowat-TopTherm is another Jowat-manufactured polyolefine-based hot melt that is a PO type. We can help you determine which type of Jowat hot melt is best-suited for your specific applications.


Jowat Locations

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing business in the United States or throughout the world, Jowat can accommodate your needs.

Over the years, Jowat has expanded into various markets across the globe. In fact, its products have been used in industries in over 80 different countries. The prominence of Jowat adhesives around the globe gave the company their well-deserved slogan of “worldwide competence.” 

Jowat, on the international stage, works with 21 affiliates in countries such as Australia, Germany, China, India, Malaysia and more. These branches are tightly connected to a network of distributors. This connection means direct and reliable assistance can be provided to customers with questions about their products.

Jowat Company Principles

Here at Hotmelt.com, we’re big on supplying our customers with products by brands that put an emphasis on quality, innovation and sustainability. Jowat does all three.

The Jowat company principles are founded on the belief that customers are one of their most important assets. The company accomplishes this in their daily activities by always making sure customer demands are fulfilled. This means solutions to problems are offered as soon as possible, and unfamiliar problems are given the highest priority.

Jowat also believes their staff is another one of their important assets. Therefore, Jowat provides training and continuous education to ensure everyone is up-to-date on industry knowledge. This way, the company always provides top-notch customer service based on the most recent industry trends and policies.

Providing quality and reliable products is another one of Jowat’s company principles. In fact, the company is currently on track to receive a “Total Quality Management” certification from the International Organization for Standardization. This certification is especially significant as the certification recognizes businesses that are running their internal procedures at optimum levels. It also recognizes companies who are always working to minimize mistakes to provide quality products, while staying on top of production schedules.

Lastly, Jowat has worked to maintain their corporate environmental responsibilities. This responsibility means all their products are designed to last a long time, eliminating the need to replace them often, resulting in a smaller environmental footprint. Jowat also practices safe and environmentally friendly production methods by trying to minimize emissions whenever possible.

Final Thoughts

As one of the major manufacturers in the hot melt industry, Jowat strives to produce quality-made products for a wide range of applications by integrating quality and innovation into their model. By centering its company principles around their customers, employees and corporate responsibilities, Jowat has managed to achieve considerable revenues with annual sales totaling over 250 million Euros in recent years.



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