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Henkel offers a wide variety of hot melt adhesives that are a prime choice for manufacturing needs due to their versatility, green strength, quick bond, and integrity, among many other things.

Henkel offers a Technomelt polyamide hot melt that is top of the market in reliability and effectiveness. Technomelt polyamide comes in a range of options depending on what it’s being used for, what qualities are important for the particular job, and even for aesthetic purposes.

For industrial purposes, the Technomelt brand is top of the line, and the polyamide formula offers benefits that appeal for those who are environmentally conscious, as well as for those who need a versatile product that affixes to a variety of surfaces.

Why Polyamide Hot Melt?

Polyamide is a synthetic product with a high-stretch capability, making it ideal for hot melt. The chemical process creates a super-tight bond that is highly effective. A polyamide hot melt can be used for a variety of applications and adheres to many surfaces; some even adhere to the ever-challenging PVC.

Polyamide hot melt is a solid choice for a variety of uses, including but certainly not limited to situations that need a hot melt which will stand up to grease or oil, a wide range of temperatures, an environment where there are acids or alkalis, or a setting where flammability is a concern.

Polyamides are particularly useful in industries such as automotive manufacturing, electrical work, and woodworking, just to name a few. Technomelt polyamide is used by electronics manufacturers for creating protective covers for devices and wiring, as well as insulation. In woodworking, it is used for laminating furnishings or assembling a finished product. In the automotive sector, Technomelt is used for bonding, laminating, and assembling vehicles.

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Polyamides are less effective for situations where a bulk tank may be needed or where they would need to be stored for an extended period, as they have a relatively low shelf-life of about one year. Once oxygen is introduced to the product, the hardening process begins and the adhesive starts to lose some of its flexibility for the application.

Which Product Should I Choose?

This depends on what the product is being used for. Henkel Technomelt can be used for a light adhesive, such as that in feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, or product labels. It can also be used for more industrial products, such as automotive manufacturing, bookbinding, or furniture assembly.

The Technomelt polyamides are praised for their strength and durability, as well as their ability to adhere to a variety of surfaces. One of the most common uses for the polyamide product is low-pressure molding. For this use, Henkel offers a Technomelt adhesives chart to help the user choose which adhesive is best for their needs.

Technomelt Superiority

Henkel's Technomelt is a superior product on the market for a variety of factors, not least of which is its versatility. Another noted achievement of the Technomelt product are its environmental benefits. Technomelt is a lighter product that takes up less space and produces less waste.

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Henkel offers online manuals for each industry that can benefit from a Technomelt product and breaks down which product to use for the job at hand. Multiple products are recommended for each purpose, and benefits of each of the products are listed. For example, some are better for flexibility, and some are better for elevated temperatures.

Where to Begin

Armed with the information above, a decision can be made about whether one of Henkel's Technomelt polyamide products is appropriate for your industrial needs. When it comes to choosing a specific product, narrow your search via a number of Henkel manuals that specifically target the industry you work in.

The manuals will detail the benefits of using a Technomelt product for each application, but, keep in mind, not all these suggestions will be polyamides, so, if a polyamide is precisely what you are looking for, make sure you write "PA" in the item description.

If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, contact us for technical support.


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